Richard (Rick) Joseph Sutcliffe, MSc

Professor of Mathematics and Computing Science; Assistant Dean, Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (Resources)
In the judgement at the very end of time, ethnicity, politics, looks, intelligence, success, money, credentials, achievements, and offices held count for nothing, but the impact that deeds done in Christ's name has upon the lives of others will count for everything.

Rick Sutcliffe is a teacher, computing scientist, mathematician, author, and columnist. He has written articles, papers and reviews, two textbooks, and a number of novels. He has served on international standards councils as well as church, school, and corporate boards and is a well-known conference and pulpit speaker. He has been professor of mathematics and computing science at Trinity Western University for four decades, and during that time has taught more than forty-five different courses, several of them numerous times. He was previously a high school mathematics, general science, and physics teacher, department chair and Vice Principal in Langley School District. He has served the university in numerous roles, including Assistant and Associate Dean of Science, Acting and Interim Dean of Science, Chair of Mathematical Sciences, Computing Science Coordinator, Faculty Association Chair, University Senate member, Vice Chair, and Chair, member of the Board of Governors, and member of numerous councils, task forces, and committees. He has also represented the university on accreditation committees for other schools, articulation committees in mathematics and computing science, and at the Canadian Council of Deans of Science meetings. He has served his church as Treasurer, Deacon, Elder, Bible class teacher, media technician, and Board Chair. He owns and operates Arjay Enterprises, an umbrella for his consulting, writing, and web hosting/domain services. He is a regular speaker, panelist and reader at VCon.

  • MSc (Simon Fraser University)
  • BSc PDP


Rick has teaching and research interests in discrete mathematics, combinatorics, graph theory, programming languages, standards, and the ethical and social implications of technology adoption and deployment. He is also a publihsed novelist.

Awards & Honors

Rick won numerous awards and scholarships as a high school graduate, undergraduate and grad student. One of his novels was named the best electronically published Science Fiction novel of 2003. Another was runner up the same year.

Recent Publications

  • Sutcliffe, Richard J. and Kowarsch, Benjamin Closing the Barn Door: Re-Prioritizing Safety, Security, and Reliability, Proceedings of The 21st Western Canadian Conference on Computing Education (WCCCE 2016) Article No. 1 p 1-15, an ACM SIG-CSE publication, New York  ACM ISBN 978-1-4503-4355-8; DOI: (Keynote address as well.)
  • His monthly technology column can be found at <> and is also syndicated or linked to on a number of other technology sites.

His most recent of ten novels:

  • Culmanic Parts--Atherton QLD Australia: Writers Exchange 2015 [ISBN 978-1-920741-58-7]
  • Rae’s Blood  or  Navy Girl--Atherton QLD Australia: Writers Exchange 2015 [ISBN 978-1-925191-11-0]
  • Tara’s Mother--Atherton QLD Australia: Writers Exchange 2015 [ISBN 978-1-925191-57-8]
  • Paladin or Time Out Of Heart--Atherton QLD Australia: Writers Exchange 2018  [ISBN 978-1-925191-58-5] (Volume 7 of The Interregnum and Volume 4 of The Throne)




Affiliations & Memberships

  • ACM
  • CSA
  • IEEE (life member)
  • MAA


  • Computing
  • Mathematics
  • ​NATS 483
  • Physics
  • Seminars/Lectures in NATS, IDIS, and English