Our Computing Science program prepares you to be a technological leader with a global perspective.

Our graduates are creative problem solvers, lifelong learners, and highly adaptable leaders in our rapidly changing world.

In addition to studying fundamental computing science topics, our students choose from a variety of elective courses, including: artificial intelligence, software engineering, computer graphics, databases, programming languages, computer networking, and virtual reality.

We encourage our students to engage in undergraduate research with their computing science professors. These research projects often result in students presenting their work at international conferences. Past students have coauthored papers with their professors and published their findings in peer-reviewed journals, providing them with valuable experience and identifiable skills.

Through our program, our students gain expertise in their area, as well as character development, as they learn to navigate between technology and society from a distinctly Christian worldview. Graduates from our computing science program stand out as confident professionals and choose from a variety of career paths, such as: software developer, systems manager, support specialist, trainer, software engineer, technical writer, software tester or supporter, and entrepreneur.


Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Alumni Perspective

“The courses I took at TWU helped me gain the skills needed for the job as a web developer. Through my liberal arts education, I experienced a sampling of many different fields, which helped me decide my career path. TWU’s strong sense of community—through friends and also teachers—was fundamental to my becoming who I am today. I was exposed to opportunities that wouldn’t have been possible at a different university.”
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Financial Aid

Investing in your future may require some help along the way. We offer merit and need-based awards to help offset the cost of tuition. Planning early is key and we are here to help get you started.

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Admission Requirements

The admissions process at TWU is designed to be simple and convenient. Once we receive your application and transcripts, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor within two weeks on your admittance.

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Virtual Tour

Our campus is beautiful. Bordered by farmland and within sight of mountains, yet within 10 minutes of Langley City Centre, it provides the perfect environment for staying active while focusing on your studies.

Careers in Computing Science
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Relevant careers for Computing Science graduates from TWU include:

  • Computer programmer
  • Systems manager
  • Computer communications specialist
  • Software engineer
  • Technical writer
  • Entrepreneur