Funding Deadlines and Opportunities


Mitacs is now accepting applications for competitive international research opportunities, including student travel to and from Canada. The deadline to apply is March 31, at 5 p.m. PST.

Projects last 12–24 weeks and are open to graduate students. Select destinations are also open to senior undergraduates. Funding varies by destination.

Students in Canada can do research in:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • France
    • At French universities or Inria Research Centres
  • India
  • Korea
  • Mexico
  • Tunisia

Graduate students in Canada can also apply for the Globalink Partnership Award, which supports research projects abroad with industry partners in any country except the United States. Applicants are encouraged to apply by June 9, 2017, for travel in Fall 2017.

Graduate students can do research in Canada from:

  • Inria Research Centres

Please distribute this information to your networks wherever possible, including to:

  • Students at Canadian universities interested in conducting research abroad
  • Faculty interested in hosting research students
  • Faculty interested in creating or deepening international collaborations
  • University administrators or staff at universities who can distribute this information to interested professors

To learn more, visit the Globalink web page or contact Mitacs International at

Funding Opportunity – Genome Canada 2017 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition

Genome Canada is pleased to advise the research community of an upcoming funding opportunity – the 2017 Large-Scale Applied Research Project Competition – Genomics and Precision Health. This Competition is anticipated to be formally launched in early 2017 with detailed guidelines and application forms available at that time. 

This funding opportunity will be aimed at supporting projects that will demonstrate how genomics-based research can contribute to a more evidence-based approach to health and, thereby, improve health outcomes, and/or enhance the cost-effectiveness of the healthcare system. 

In keeping with Genome Canada’s mandate to invest in large-scale research, projects can range in budget from approximately $2 million to $10 million, over a term of up to four years. Genome Canada will provide a portion of funding for each project with the remainder to be obtained through co-funding from other sources. The exact co-funding ratio will be available at the time of launch.

Please note that an exciting new partnership for this program should soon be announced. Stay tuned!

For more information, contact your regional Genome Centre

Funding Opportunity – ERA-Net E-Rare Joint Transnational Call 2017

The ERA-NET “E-Rare” for research programs on rare diseases has been extended to a third phase “E-Rare-3” (2014-2019) to further help in coordinating the research efforts of European, Associated and non-European countries in the field of rare diseases and implement the objectives of International Rare Disease Research Consortium (IRDiRC). 

CIHR-IG along with FRQ-S, Muscular Dystrophy Canada and many other parties have decided to open the ninth E-Rare joint transnational call (JTC 2017) for funding multilateral research projects on rare diseases. The call is being opened simultaneously by the parties in their respective countries. In addition, Patient Organisations (PO) – like Muscular Dystrophy Canada – may also co-fund selected projects based on their mandate and research topic interest.

For more information please see:

Funding Opportunity – Personalized Health Catalyst Grants

The purpose of this funding opportunity is to support researchers to maximize and leverage previous collaborative investments in personalized medicine, e-health and data platforms by driving evidence-based implementation of personalized health solutions that can contribute to more cost-effective and sustainable health care. Additionally, through a partnership with Mitacs, additional funding and training for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in Personalized Health projects will be supported by this funding opportunity.

The total amount available for this Funding Opportunity is $8,815,000 enough to fund approximately 41 grants and up to 41 internships. This amount may increase if additional funding partners participate. The maximum amount per grant is $100,000 per year for over a period of up to 2 years.

The registration deadline is anticipated for February 2017, and the application deadline is anticipated for June 2017. A webinar to provide application details and additional information is anticipated for early 2017.

For more information please see:

Official Launch of the International Consortium for Personalised Medicine, ICPerMed

Personalized medicine is a promising new concept for dealing with challenges of health and health systems. With the launch of the International Consortium of Personalised Medicine (ICPerMed), European countries aim to coordinate health research policy to advance the implementation of personalized medicine. The initiative brings together health research funders and policy making organizations from 28 countries five regions and the European Commission (EC). CIHR-IG is proud to be one of the organizations part of this consortium.

For more information please see:

Gene Researcher for a Week

Gene Researcher for a Week is a program that pairs established researchers and scientists with passionate high school students. For one week, students shadow researchers and other lab members to learn about how genetic laboratories function, and participate in simple experiments. As a host, you can inspire the next generation of genetics researchers! If you are interested in hosting a high school student for one week, please contact Maryam Ebrahimi at Please see attached our flyer for more details.

Summer Studentship Health research award for Undergraduate Students in Computational Biology   

The objective of this funding is to provide undergraduate students in the life sciences, mathematics and computer sciences with an opportunity to undertake computational biology health-related research projects with established researchers in an environment that provides strong mentorship.  Who can apply? Undergraduate students in Life Science, Mathematics and Computer Science with a research focus on Computational Biology. The Application deadline is January 17, 2017. 

To find out more go to Institute Community Support Program.

Travel Award- Science Program in Taiwan 

This funding supports Canadian graduate students (master’s or doctoral level) with first-hand research experience in an international setting, while also affording an orientation to Taiwan's culture and language. The application deadline is January 24, 2017

To find out more go to Institute Community Support Program.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR): Catalyst Grant : Indigenous Approaches to Wellness Research

The CIHR Institutes of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (IAPH) and Cancer Research (ICR)


ResearchNet is the web based portal for the preparation and submission of most grants to CIHR.  Check out the website frequently to view current and upcoming funding opportunities.

Of particular note, there are competitions for proposals in patient-oriented research, health services & economics, and population health intervention research.  The latter opportunity is sponsored by: The CIHR Roadmap Accelerator Fund (RAF), under the scientific leadership of the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health (IAPH), Institute of Population and Public Health (IPPH), Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis (IMHA), Institute of Gender and Health (IGH) in partnership with Public Health Agency of Canada and Health Canada’s First Nations and Inuit Health Branch.

2017 Elder-Youth Dialogue

Applications for the 2017 Elder-Youth Dialogue are now being accepted. Information on how to apply and application requirements are within the document.
Note that only one application is needed per Elder-youth pair.
Applications are due January 13, 2017.
Please note that dates are not finalized, but will likely be March 12-15, 2017. We will update the dates when finalized.

SSHRC: Annual Storytellers contest

Challenging postsecondary students to show Canadians how social sciences and humanities research affects our lives, our world and our future prosperity.
Submit January 9 -31, 2017                                    

The contest is open to all students, graduate and undergraduate, enrolled at Canadian postsecondary institutions. Their task is to tell the story, in 3 minutes or 300 words, of a SSHRC-funded research project—their own or a professor’s—taking place at their institution. We will select 25 finalists to receive a $3000 cash prize and specialized training in research communications. For details on this year’s Storytellers contest and our upcoming special prize to celebrate Canada’s 150th year, please follow us on Twitter, watch for the #SSHRCStorytellers hashtag, and visit the SSHRC website.

2017 Brightspace Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning.

Know someone you think is deserving? Consider encouraging them to apply.

Teaching innovation awards - a call for submissions

Know an educator who innovates and excels in student-centred teaching and learning? Applications are now open with award recipients receiving thousands toward travel, conference fees and sought after memberships. Share your cutting edge teaching approach to help extend learning beyond the classroom.

To learn more:

Connecting for Canada’s 150th

Connecting for Canada’s 150th is a unique series of Connection Grants, offered by SSHRC to mark Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. This historic anniversary is an opportunity to highlight scholarly activities which mobilize research about Canada at 150: its past, its present and its future. SSHRC invites interested applicants (institutions or individuals affiliated with eligible Canadian institutions) and their partner organizations to apply for support through the Connection Grants funding opportunity.   

In particular, these grants provide a great opportunity for academic institutions, through institutional applications, to undertake a range of events and outreach activities celebrating Canada’s 150th.  

Applications are subject to the evaluation criteria and scoring scheme common to all Connection Grants. However, all applicants must demonstrate how their project addresses this historic anniversary.
SSHRC will accept individual or institutional applications for this initiative on the following deadline: February 1, 2017

Here is more information about Connection Grants:

Here is more information about Connecting for Canada’s 150th:

For any question about the Connection Grants and Connecting for Canada’s 150th, please contact or 613-943-1007.

SSHRC: Knowledge Synthesis Grants

The next Knowledge Synthesis Grants competition is linked to the Imagining Canada’s Future initiative. 

In this competition, proposals are sought that address the question: How will Canada continue to thrive in an interconnected world and evolving global landscape?  These grants are not intended to support original research; rather they are intended to support the synthesis of existing research knowledge on the topic and the identification of knowledge strengths and gaps. 

The funding opportunity description is currently posted on SSHRC’s website with an application deadline of January 12, 2017 and results will be announced to applicants in March 2017.  

We anticipate offering up to 30 awards valued at up to $25,000 each. The synthesis reports are due in October 2017. Successful applicants are expected to attend two knowledge mobilization workshops in Ottawa, the first in May 2017 and the second in November 2017 as part of the Imagining Canada’s Future Fall Forum, to discuss the knowledge syntheses. Travel costs for these meetings must be included in the budget submitted as part of the application. Details on the meetings will be provided to successful applicants. 

For more information, contact Roxanne Dompierre, Senior Program Officer, Future Challenges at 613-944-5327 or

CCCU: Scholar’s Retreat Funding

The CCCU and the Issachar Fund provide CCCU scholars and artists with a Scholar’s Retreat near Lake Michigan for research, writing, or creative work in one of the Issachar Fund’s four areas of inquiry:

  • Science and Faith Technology
  • Medical Care and Human Dignity
  • Christ-like Virtues in a Pluralistic World
  • Creation Care   

The retreat is a fully furnished two-bedroom cottage in West Michigan offering a quiet, comfortable environment for study and writing and is large enough to accommodate a small family.  The cottage is located near excellent public and private schools, libraries and Hope College. Grand Rapids, home to Christian universities, study centers, and publishing houses, is forty-five minutes away by car.   

In addition to the use of the cottage, retreat participants also receive a mileage reimbursement, a per diem, and a library card to Hope College libraries.  The retreat may be for as little as a six-week period or as long as the full academic year.  For the 2017-18 academic year, applicants may select from seven date options.  
Finally, the grant program provides course release funding to your home institution to support your time away from campus. Thus, while the retreat is open to professors on sabbatical, an institutionally-funded sabbatical is not necessary in order for you to take advantage of this opportunity.   

You are invited to apply for one or more blocks by our March 13, 2017 deadline. To learn more, please go to the CCCU Scholar's Retreat webpage.   

CCCU: Networking Grant for Christian Scholars

The Networking Grants for Christian Scholars seek to mobilize CCCU faculty to create and disseminate high-quality scholarship that brings Christian voices into contemporary academic conversations. Networking grants support research that is significantly informed by Christian practices, perspectives, and purposes. Any topic is appropriate, but applications must clearly articulate the ways in which both the research and the scholarly products draw on the riches of the Christian tradition and are themselves exemplary of Christian thought and life.  
Because these grants are intended to promote scholarship that will be disseminated in the larger academy, projects targeted to Christian audiences, such as research or the preparation of materials that are primarily focused on CCCU institutions or churches, are not eligible for awards.  
The project director for each Networking team must be a full-time faculty member at an institution that holds full membership in the CCCU. Team members must include faculty from at least one other CCCU member or affiliate institution and may include faculty from non-CCCU schools.   You are invited to apply for three-year Initiative Grants ($12,000 - 18,000) or one-year Planning Grants ($1,500 - $3,000).
The application deadline is February 15, 2017.
To learn more, please visit CCCU Networking Grants for Christian Scholars.  

Novus Biologicals

The award is $1000 that can be used to help fund attendance to any life-science related scientific meeting.

To apply, and check the requirements, visit the Novus Travel Grant page on the ScienceImpact website.

Also, read about the recipient of the last travel grant.


For students in Canada to do research abroad:

  • Globalink Research Award – MHRD India 
    • Open to senior undergraduate and graduate students
    • 12-week projects at one of seven Indian Institutes of Technology
    • $5,000 award and a local grant equivalent to $5,000
  • Globalink Research Award – Inria 
    • Open to graduate students
    • 12- to 24-week projects at an Inria Research Centre in France
    • $5,000 award and a monthly stipend
  • Globalink Research Award – MHESR Tunisia 
    • Open to senior undergraduates and graduate students
    • 12- to 24-week projects at accredited universities in Tunisia
    • $7,000 award    

 For students in France to do research in Canada:

  • Globalink Research Award – Inria 
    • Open to PhD students at Inria Research Centres in France
    • 12- to 24-week research projects at Canadian universities
    • $5,000 award, a PhD stipend, and airfare 

To learn more, visit the Globalink web page or contact Mitacs International at

Power Point Presentation (October 2016)

Poster for Graduate Students

Mitacs Elevate

  • $55,000 annual award (plus $7,500 per year non-cash value in training)
  • Customized training exclusive to Elevate fellows
  • Long-term collaborative research project with a non-academic partner 

Accelerate Program

Get professional skills training (STEP)

Step provides career skills training to grad students and postdocs. Workshops take place on university campuses.  

Globalink Research Internship (GRI) projects. All disciplines are eligible

  • Top-ranked senior undergrads from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia
  • For additional application information, consult the 2017 Globalink Faculty Application Guide 

Get research experience beyond your university

Mitacs Accelerate supports collaborations between university researchers and partner organizations for four months or longer. Apply any time. 

Gain a competitive edge in the job market 
Mitacs Step offers free skills training to grad students and postdocs. Workshops are available online and on campus.

Do research abroad with an industry partner 
With the Mitacs Globalink Partnership Award, graduate students in Canada can travel abroad for a research project with an international industry partner. 

Mitacs Elevate is now accepting applications for two-year postdoctoral funding:

  • $55,000 annual award (plus $7,500 per year non-cash value in training)
  • Exclusive, customized professional development training
  • Long-term collaborative research project with a non-academic partner


  • Letter of intent and Conflict of Interest declaration: January 25, 2017, at 5 p.m. PST
    • Letters of intent are not required to submit applications
  • Pre-review of draft applications: February 8, 2017, at 5 p.m. PST
  • Application: February 22, 2017, at 1 p.m. PST
  • Results announced: June 2017
  • Projects must start by September 5, 2017, after the proposal is approved AND Mitacs has received the partner funds, as per Mitacs Policy 

For questions or more information, please contact us at  

The Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize for Mental Health Research

Applications are now being accepted for The Royal-Mach-Gaensslen Prize for Mental Health Research, which was established by The Royal’s Institute of Mental Health Research (IMHR) in 2015 to recognize and support Canadian early-career researchers with a focus in the area of mental health.

The annual national Prize provides funding to outstanding rising star career researchers who are affiliated with a Canadian academic or clinical research institution in the field of mental health, to encourage them to continue to pursue their research interests. It recognizes those with a demonstrated track record in research with excellence in scientific rigor, innovative thinking, imagination and originality and a clear ability to work in partnership with other disciplines and/or research teams external to the institution with which they are affiliated.

The annual Prize is funded by a generous donation from the Mach-Gaensslen Foundation of Canada, building upon the wishes of its founders, Mr. Vaclav Mach and Dr. Hanni Gaensslen, to support mental health research. Each year for ten years, $100,000 will be awarded to one person or a research team of up to three persons per competition. The Prize is awarded with the expectation that the recipient(s) will continue to demonstrate excellence in their field of work. If no appropriate candidate is found, the Prize will be deferred for one year.

Candidates shall be exceptional rising star researchers who are 45 years of age or younger at the application date, are Canadian citizens or have landed immigrant status in Canada and are currently residing in Canada or are residing abroad but are committed to return to Canada within six months from the date the Prize is awarded. In addition, they shall be affiliated with a Canadian academic or clinical institution and their research shall be in a mental health discipline. Please refer to the Prize Guidelines for full eligibility requirements and additionalapplication details.

The application and procedure to apply are fully described in the attached forms. Application packages are also available on our website at 

Should you have any questions, please contact

Fulbright Canada  Programs

Inquiries: Michelle Emond, Program Officer (Students),

Vancouver Foundation

Key dates 

Michael Smith Foundation

MSFHR's 2016 Trainee Program competition for post-doctoral fellowship awards is less than two weeks away.

Trainee awards are a core element of MSFHR's investment in building and sustaining BC's health research excellence under our strategic goal #1 ("People"). These awards provide up to three years of salary support to help outstanding up-and-coming investigators develop their research careers.

Scholar Program. Starting with this year's competitions, MSFHR is pleased to offer both Scholar and Trainee programs on an annual basis as part of an expanded suite of programs that will broaden and enhance our support for health research and its application in British Columbia. 

NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award Details can be found here

Research Office's Internal Deadline

The RO deadline is 2 weeks before the sponsor deadline for most applications and proposals. Two weeks provides RO with time to review the application package and return it to the researcher in the event that any changes are required before the submission. 

Exceptions to the two week deadline are Canada Research Chairs (CRC), Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI), and RO-Administered Internal Grants. Applicants are encourages to work with RO at the earliest stage of application.

Other programs may have exceptions as well. These exceptions are communicated to researchers via group email list.

Other Internal Deadlines

Some units may have their own internal review deadlines. Applicants should check with their department, faculty to see if there are internal deadlines for review and signing of applications/proposals.

Agency Deadlines

These deadlines are obtained from agency websites but are subject to change. Prospective applicants are encouraged to review agency websites and correspondence for current deadline dates.


Other Funding Agencies (Canadian)

USA Granting Agencies

Christian Funding Agencies