Nomination for External Examiners (Student driven form) Students must submit this form three months before proposed timeline for defence.

Both the student and the thesis supervisor must sign the form, agreeing to the proposed nominees.

Submission of the form must be accompanied by the Abstract.doc., as the abstract is sent to the nominees.

A timeframe for receipt of the thesis is also required.

Supervisory Committee Approval (Student driven form) Students must submit this for a minimum of six weeks before anticipated defence date.

If there is an External Examiner, the form must be accompanied by the Thesis.pdf, which will be provided to the External Examiner for review. If there is no External Examiner, no thesis is needed.

External Examiner's Pre-Defence Evaluation After the External Examiner receives a copy of the thesis from ORGS, the External Examiner is granted three weeks to submit a Pre-Defence Evaluation (form provided by ORGS).
External Examiner's Report The External Examiner is granted an additional week (equaling a total of four weeks) to submit a brief report.

*There must be at least two weeks between receipt of the report and the date of defence.
Exam Chair (ORGS procedure) Secured only if examination committee and defence date are set with an allowance of three weeks before the defence date.
Thesis Evaluation & Agreement (ORGS form) ORGS provides this form to the Exam Chair, for use at the defence. The Exam Chair returns the form to ORGS after the defence. ORGS uses this form to advise the Office of the Registrar of the student’s grade, following the completion of all post-defence requirements.
Final Thesis Approval (Student driven form) Student submits this form to ORGS, after revisions are complete and the examination committee approves the final draft. This form advises ORGS that the thesis is ready to be uploaded into TWUSpace.
Completion of all program requirements to be eligible for participation in a graduation ceremony

(FALL = first weekend of November; SPRING = last weekend of April)

Due a minimum of five weeks prior to graduation date, as per the Office of the Registrar. See Completion Policy for requirements.
Completion of all program requirements for conferral date (December 31 or May 31) Student must follow the Office of the Registrar's requirements for graduation.