TWU Camps Registration Policies

Refunds and Withdrawals

All refunds and withdrawals will be subject to a $25 administration fee for camps under $245 or $40 fee for camps over $245.

There will be no refunds given within 7 days of the start of a program, unless a doctor's note is provided.

Transfer Fees

A transfer fee of $5 will apply for a transfer request from one program into another (plus the cost difference of the camp, if applicable).  Within 7 days of the start of a program, transfers cannot be made.


There are times when we must cancel a program due to inclement weather, low registration or health concerns as governed by health authorities. In these cases, a credit will be issued to your account. If a program is cancelled due to an unforeseen emergency, participants will receive a full refund if no alternative program can accommodate the participant. If a cancellation occurs after a program is in process, a refund will be given for the balance of the program.