Admission Process

Steps to Apply

1. Fill out our free application.

2. Submit your final high school transcripts. (This is recommended; however, it is not a requirement if you have completed over 27 post-secondary credits from an accredited institution).

3. Submit your post-secondary transcript(s). 

4. Apply for TWU Financial Aid.

5. You will receive an email about your transfer credit evaluation, possibly asking you to send in syllabi.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Students transferring in with 27 or more credits will be admitted solely based on their post-secondary work. A minimum 2.0 is required for admission. For students transferring in with fewer than 27 credits, admission will be based on high school work as well, and you will need to meet the high school student admission requirements for your province/state. Need more information on high school admission requirements?

Once we receive your application and transcripts, we should be able to give you an admission decision within two weeks. You will also be automatically considered for an Academic Scholarship.

Transfer Limits

Students transferring from accredited colleges and universities may transfer up to 75 credits to TWU. Students transferring from accredited Bible colleges may transfer in up to 60 credits. Students transferring from institutes of technology and colleges of applied arts may transfer in up to 45 credits (with the exception of BCIT, from which students may transfer up to 75 credits). There is no minimum for transfer credit.

Minimum Grades for Transfer Credit

For university and community college courses, transfer credit will be given for all acceptable courses with a passing grade (D or higher).* Transfer credit will be given for acceptable courses at Bible colleges accredited with the ABHE when completed with at least a C- grade (60 percent). Courses from institutes of technology and colleges of applied arts will be considered on a course-by-course basis where a minimum grade of B- has been attained.**

*Note: Some required courses in business, education, and nursing programs require a minimum letter grade above that of a pass.

** Students transferring from BCIT may transfer courses with equivalency if they have a passing grade (no less than a D).