Undergraduate Students

Investing in your future may require some help along the way. We offer merit and need-based awards to help offset the cost of tuition. Planning early is key and we are here to help get you started.

Academic Scholarships

You will be automatically considered for an academic scholarship upon admission to TWU. No separate application is required. Eligibility is based on the GPA ranges listed below.


Award Type High School % IB Diploma  4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year*
President's Scholarship 90.0% to 100% 30 + 3.73 - 4.00 $6,000
Provost's Scholarship 85.0% to 89.9% 29 - 30 3.50 - 3.72 $4,000
Dean's Scholarship 73.0% to 84.9% 26 - 28 2.80 - 3.49 $2,000


Award Type 4.3 GPA Scale 4.0 GPA Scale Amount per year*
President's Scholarship 3.80-4.30 3.54-4.00 $4,000
Provost's Scholarship 3.30-3.79 2.80-3.53 $3,000
Dean's Scholarship 2.50-3.29 2.33-2.79 $2,000

*Academic scholarships amounts are prorated according to the number of semester hours enrolled. The amounts shown above assume a 100% course load (15 semester hours per semester). Students enrolled in an 80% course load will receive 80% of their academic scholarship.

Leadership Entrance Scholarships

25 scholarships are available to new students who demonstrate involvement in their school, community, and/or church and intend to participate and be involved in the TWU community.  Value: $2,000

Artistic Achievement Scholarships

These scholarships are intended to recognize new students who demonstrate outstanding talent and intend to contribute to the TWU community through involvement in music and theatre. Recipients are chosen by the faculty in the music and theatre departments.

Music scholarship value: $3,000 per year

Theatre Scholarship value: $2,000 per year

Endowment Awards

Over 45 scholarships, grants, and awards are available to new students. Refer to the endowment award listing for award criteria and award value.

TWU Grant

Need-based award funding is available to Canadian and American students who demonstrate financial need.  Eligibility is determined by completing the TWU need assessment or the FAFSA (for American students).  Value: up to $6,000 per year

Church Matching Grant

TWU will match up to $2,000 of church support for students who demonstrate financial need. Eligibility is determined by completing the TWU need assessment or the FAFSA (for American students).  Value: up to $4,000 per year

2017-18 Church Matching Grant Application

2017-18 EFCC Prairie District Matching Grant Application - For students who attend an Evangelical Free (EFCC) church in the Prairie District which covers southern Alberta and all of Saskatchewan.

2017-18 Southern Alberta Bible Camp Matching Grant Application - For student leaders serving at Southern Alberta Bible Camp (SABC) who have been nominated by SABC camp director.

Campus Employment

There are many job opportunities on campus for students who demonstrate financial need. It's a great way to build your resume too!



If you, your parents, or other family members have savings and investments for your education, now is the time to use them!  For parents who have investments in Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP's) - contact your provider for information on releasing these funds.


External Awards are available for prospective and current students.  These awards are separate from TWU financial aid.


Student Loans and Grants are available through the government as well as financial institutions.  Loans are not a gift, it is funding you need to pay back.



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