Fall Recommended Courses

As a member of our incoming class, you are embarking on a new adventure. We're here to support you throughout the entire registration process! 

Your schedule will be made up of core courses, program-specific courses, and possibly elective courses.

As you explore your first semester of courses at Trinity, your enrolment advisor will be your primary academic advisor. For detailed advice and advising on scheduling your first classes please reach out to them. To explore what your first semester and rest of your degree might look like, see our detailed course checklists. By scrolling to the bottom of a checklist for any given program you will see an estimated four year plan your degree might follow. This includes a suggested fall course schedule. 

Core Classes (7 semester hours) Program-specific courses (3-9 semester hours) Have fewer than 15-16 semester hours?
All incoming students will register for 3 core classes (7 semester hours):
  • FNDN 101 – The Liberal Arts Journey (1 sem. hr.)  
  • RELS 110 - Introduction to Christianity (3 sem. hrs.)  
  • Writing or English* (WRTG 100, WRTG 101, or ENGL 103) (3 sem. hrs.)  *Unsure which one to take? Read through "SHOULD I REGISTER FOR WRTG OR ENGL?" below.*

These courses are based on your chosen degree and major. Find your program in the list below to see the recommended courses.

If you aren't sure what major you want to pursue, start with some additional core classes, or check the list of recommended first-year electives for some ideas.

If you still have room in your schedule, you can add:
  • Program-specific courses
  • Core courses from these sections:
    • Religious & Spiritual Thought
    • Scientific Method & Lab Research
  • Electives of interest to you

Speak with your Enrolment Advisor for further suggestions.

How to register for courses

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