Our flexible Certificate programs are designed to provide adult learners with career-specific skills

Choose from bachelor or graduate-level certificates, which can be taken either as stand-alone certificates, or be laddered into our Adult Degree Completion BA in Leadership, or our MA in Leadership degrees. 

Choose from undergraduate- level certificates (may be laddered into bachelors degree) …

Certificate in Project Management – a fully online 20 s.h. certificate, featuring 6-week accelerated courses and a work-related practicum. Learn how to initiate, plan, execute, and complete projects and specific goals within timelines.

Certificate in Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) – through semester-length evening classes, this program equips adults with a TESL Canada recognized certificate to teach ESL at home or abroad.

Choose from graduate-level certificates (may be laddered into MA in Leadership degree) …

Graduate Certificate for Christian Schooling – a 5 course certificate designed for practicing teachers interested in developing a solid grounding in Christian approaches to education.  

Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership – a 5 course certificate designed for current and prospective principals, assistant principals, and curriculum coordinators interested in developing insights and skills in the application of a biblical model of servant leadership into educational environments.

5 Graduate Certificates in Leadership – choose from one of five stream options in the fully online 5 course Certificate in leadership studies within a specific field. Become a confident and effective executive leader who motivates, inspires, and influences others.  Choose from business, education, health care, non-profit organizations, or Christian ministry.