The Biology Department of Trinity Western is located in the upper north wing of the Neufeld Science Centre. The department’s facilities include four furnished teaching laboratories, two designated research laboratories, and a full range of preparative and storage rooms. The Cell and Molecular Biology Lab, built in 2004 is the newest edition to the department.

Environmental Study Area (ESA)

In addition to the department’s indoor facilities the campus is home to an Ecosystem Study area (ESA) approximately 60 acres in size. The ESA is a diverse ecosystem located in the Salmon River floodplain. In the fall of each year, the sounds of hundreds of spawning Salmon can be heard along the banks of the river as it flows through campus. The area is also home to the Oregon forest snail (Allogona townsendiana), an endangered snail which is presently being researched by faculty and students. This diverse environment provides students the opportunity to investigate living organisms in relation to their natural habitat.