Student Opportunities

Student Research

Opportunities are available within the biology department for students to work with professors in their research. Research positions are available with all professors each summer and often during the fall and spring semesters. Below is one undergraduate research student’s perspective regarding her experience.

As an NSERC undergraduate scholarship recipient, I was given the great opportunity to work under Dr. Eve Stringham and participate in C. elegans research. This was not just a summer job, but a taste of what I plan to eventually do as a career. It was an experience that has, and will, continue to benefit me in various ways. Not only has it confirmed my aspirations to go on to graduate school but has also improved my chances of being accepted to the school of my choosing. I enjoyed the work I did and learned, but more than that, I enjoyed the people. Trinity is a great working environment. If you are genuinely interested - there is a lot of opportunity here in the Biology department of Trinity Western University.

Cheryl Schroeder

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