The Catholic Formation Track (CFT) of the TWU Core allows students to faithfully and thoughtfully engage with contemporary culture.

Imagine attending this amazing university while at the same time being formed in and by the Catholic intellectual tradition. The CFT is a formative track of the TWU Liberal Arts Core curriculum designed to introduce students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition. It directly engages with fundamental questions of human existence and enables students to live a thoughtful and intentional life of faith that permeates all aspects of life. As a result of this robust Catholic formation, CPC is one of only two Catholic post-secondary institutions in Canada listed in The Newman Guide to Choosing a Catholic College.

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The Catholic Formation Track is comprised of 11 fundamental courses in the areas of academic writing (2 courses), Catholic theology (3 courses), virtue ethics, Catholic Church history, liturgy and sacraments, Catholic social teaching, beauty and sacred art, and Latin. It is a formative track designed to expose students to the richness of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

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Pursue a degree while deepening your Catholic faith. There is nowhere in Western Canada or US Northwest that offers solid Catholic intellectual formation for someone earning a Bachelor’s degree.

Academics. CPC prides itself in its high-calibre, faithful professors. Educated at well-respected international universities––Oxford, St. Andrews, The John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Dominican College––the professors bring their expertise and Christian witness to the classroom.

More than academics. CPC is a place where young people come to learn, receive the Sacraments, and participate in a growing, vibrant Catholic community.

"Each course has challenged me to think differently, to see the world through the cracks of reality that ordinary life tries to cover up."

CFT Student, Business Major

"I felt that this was something that I had been missing in my life: this Catholic education and Catholic community."

CPC/TWU Alumna, Music Major

"The way [CPC] explained the Catholic faith now allows me to logically defend it stronger than ever before."

CPC/TWU Student, Business Major