Welcome to the Finance Division website at Trinity Western University

Under the direction of Jim Poulsen, CA, the Finance Division umbrellas Financial Reporting, Disbursements and Insurance, Treasury Services, and Budget Planning & Payroll Services. The Finance Division strives to be a data informed, entrepreneurial, customer-focused group with a mandate to provide the University and its collective community with:

  • competent, responsive, customer-focused services, and
  • accurate, timely and useful financial information to support effective financial planning and decision making.

Our purpose for the Finance Division website is to familiarize you with our Financial Leadership Team (FLeaT) and the various areas that they manage, provide you with their e-mail links, and to point you to other sources of information that will give you an understanding of Finance's broader scope.

Financial Leadership Team:

Jim Poulsen, CA Vice President for Finance Jacqueline Jansen, C.G.A. Associate Director of Budget and Payroll Services Sheldon Perry, M.B.A., CGA Manager, Financial Reporting Kate Kotanen, B.B.A. Manager, Disbursements & Insurance