The tuition rate is $680 per semester hour ($6,120 for one three-course semester or $20,400 for the full 30 credit program). Housing rental information is available at TWU's housing website.


Detailed information about fees and payments is available on the Office of the Registrar Website under Financial Information.

SCHOLARSHIPs, Fellowships & Assistantships

Students should complete the admissions process by April 1 for entry into the Fall semester beginning in September. Scholarships may not be available for applications received after this date. Students must be enrolled in full-time studies to be eligible for scholarships (min. 9 semester hours per semester).


GPA Requirement


Student Eligibility


Dean’s Scholarship 4.00 + Up to $3,000 New and current students No application. Students are nominated by faculty.
MAIH Scholarship (Tier 1) 4.00 + $2,000 New students No application. Students are evaluated upon admission to program.
MAIH Scholarship (Tier 2) 3.70 – 3.99 $1,000
Teaching Assistantships N/A Up to $1,000 New and current students
SSHRC Graduate Fellowships Up to $17,500 New and current students See SSHRC’s website.