International Studies Course Requirements

Trinity Western University offers a BA with a major in International Studies and an Honours BA in International Studies. The essential requirements of the International Studies degree are listed below. For more detailed coverage, please consult the current academic calendar. For the International Studies checklist, click here.

Requirements for the International Studies Degree may be separated into three basic groupings.

1. Core Requirements for the Trinity Western University degree are laid out by the University Academic Council. These constitute 39 semester hours of classes.

2. Requirements for the International Studies major. These include:

2.1 Required Courses (15 semester hours) 
POLS 101 – Introduction to Political Thinking
HIST 109 - World History Since 1945
POLS 211 – Introduction to International Politics 
ECON 230 – Issues in Third World Development 
COMM 302 - Cross Cultural Communications

2.2 Area Studies Courses (12 semester hours) 
Four three-semester hour courses designed to expose students to a broad range of regions and cultures around the world.

2.3 Language Courses and Practical Experience (6 semester hours) 
Two three-semester hour courses in a modern language other than English

In addition, all International Studies students must engage in a practical application of their studies in the form of a Trinity Western travel study course, a CCCU study abroad semester, a semester at the Laurentian Leadership Centre, or a semester at Lithuania Christian College.

2.4 Track Requirement (15 semester hours) 
International Studies students must choose to pursue one track requirement that develops their expertise in a particular theme. Each track consists of a total of 15 semester hours of courses.

There are four different tracks to choose from: International Affairs and Global Policy, International Development and Cultural Change, International Political Economy, or Linguistics and TESL.

2.5. Major Electives (15 semester hours) 
International Studies students must complete 15 semester hours of courses relevant to the degree requirements.

3. Regular Electives (20 semester hours) 
Finally, students must complete 20 semester hours of courses of their choice.

The Honours Degree in International Studies is particularly designed for students interested in pursuing greater depth in their studies or for those who foresee an interest in graduate study or further academic preparation. Students must apply to be admitted to the honours degree. In addition to the major requirements listed above, the student must complete POLS 305 (Methods of Political Analysis), an undergraduate thesis (PAIS 495/496) and one additional major elective in order to complete the honours degree.

Interested in an honours degree? You should look into applying at the end of your second year or the beginning of your third year at TWU (but you can apply at any time if you would like). To continue into the honours degree you must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. To apply, write a letter to the coordinator of the International Studies program indicating your degree program and a basic idea of what you would like to explore in your undergraduate thesis. If you are accepted, you will receive a letter that provides you with some suggestions for who might oversee your thesis.