Graduate Certificate in Leadership

For students whose time and financial resources may be at a premium, TWU’s offers an abbreviated form of the Master of Arts in Leadership degree through the graduate Certificate in Leadership. The certificate is comprised of five leadership courses designed to cultivate leaders from the inside out. Should they decide to do so, students can ladder into the full Master of Arts in Leadership program, as long as they complete the MA program within five years of beginning the certificate.

By completing five leadership courses, students will learn to lead effectively and immediately apply learned principles to their workplace.

Course Requirements:

  • LDRS 500 (3 credits)
  • Two other core courses of your choice (6 credits); choose from LDRS 501, LDRS 502, LDRS 503, LDRS 504, and LDRS 620.
  • Two courses of your choice (6 credits) from any courses listed in MA Lead

Tuition Rate:

$705 per semester hour (some courses may carry an additional class fee).

Course Listing