Tuition & Graduate Funding

The program requires 63 semester hours to complete your degree, with a tuition cost of $43,785. Housing, transportation, textbooks, and other related costs are additional. Please note that program policies and fees may come under review and change without notice. Check TWU Tuition Fees for current tuition rate. All funds are quoted in Canadian currency.

Academic Scholarships

Students may be considered for an academic scholarship. Priority is given to students with a minimum 4.0 GPA.  All students must be enrolled in 5 or more semester hours during a fall or spring semester to be eligible. To apply, log into the TWU Financial Awards portal by June 1.


Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need of up to $2,000. Priority will be given to students with a minimum 3.7 GPA. Students must be enrolled in 5 or more semester hours during a fall or spring semester to be eligible.  To apply, complete the TWU Financial Need Assessment by June 1.

TWU Endowed Awards

Endowed awards are available to full-time students (minimum 7 semester hours for fall and spring terms). While students may apply for any or all scholarships, only one endowed scholarship will be granted per student. 

To apply, complete both TWU Financial Need Assessment and Endowment award application by June 1.

Award Description


Alongside You MFT Scholarship One award available to a student in the MFT program who demonstrates great promise through faculty and supervisor recommendations. Must have a minimum 3.4 GPA and a minimum A- in Advanced Skills. Up to $1,000
DeVries Family MFT Scholarship Three awards available to outstanding new or returning students in the MFT program. Up to $5,000
John & Dolly Verseveldt MFT International Student Scholarship One award available - created in memory of John and Dolly Verseveldt, who had a passion for emotional and spiritual growth and a hope of equipping professional and highly competent therapist to teach and provide emotional and spiritual healing in countries beyond the Western Hemisphere. This award is available to a full-time MFT international student returning to country of origin. Must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 and assessed financial need. The eligible student list is to be sent to MFT for approval by the Verseveldt Family Foundation (VFF) Up to $1,500

Student Loans

The federal/provincial government offers student loans and grants to eligible domestic students to assist with paying for post-secondary education. Please refer to the TWU Financial Aid Office for further information.