Aspiring performers present two recitals under the guidance of their private instructors and a departmental coordinator. A well-rounded approach to performance is encouraged through literature and pedagogy (teaching) courses taught in small, personal groups by area experts.


This is a popular choice for students who seek to teach in public and private schools as well as one-on-one studios. Students develop skill sets through instrumental techniques classes and the principles of good musical instruction. Conducting classes further enhance the abilities and marketability of music graduates.


This provides the greatest scope of all for the student of wide-ranging musical interests. This avenue offers the freedom to explore the digital recording studio or, alternatively, to delve deeply into composition with one of the faculty‚Äôs composers in one-on-one lessons. The truly eclectic musician could fashion a self-directed cluster of music electives in courses ranging from choral literature to popular music in 20th century America.