Program Outcomes

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PhD Graduates will:

  • Advance the discipline of nursing by generating new nursing knowledge that is responsive to the needs of society.
  • Demonstrate in-depth, critical analysis through written and oral communication of research methodologies and methods, with an expertise in a methodology related to a chosen field of inquiry or research program.
  • Conduct rigorous, original research in a substantive area that lays a foundation for a program of socially relevant research at the forefront of the discipline.
  • Utilize educational philosophy and higher education research and theory to lead in academic settings, and to critique, develop, teach, and evaluate nursing curricula and teaching strategies.
  • Develop and enact public policy, including health and educational policy, contributing to health care and society.
  • Engage in meaningful professional service, advocacy, and mobilization of complex knowledge to diverse audiences.
  • Exhibit commitment to a balanced, integrative approach to teaching, research, and service.

What to Expect

Online Program

An online program is designed to be flexible and accessible so you can continue working while you complete your doctoral studies.

An accessible online program featuring a community of nurse scholars cultivated through annual one- or two-week residencies at the main campus in Langley, British Columbia, and at the Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC) in Ottawa, Ontario, with online offerings through the rest of the year. Please see the residencies that will take place throughout the program below.

Residency 1 10 days on Langley Campus
  • September 2022
  • Program Orientation
  • Introduction to NURS 710
Residency 2 10 Days at Laurentian Leadership Centre
  • June 2023
  • NURS 750 Residency
  • Professional Skills
Residency 3 2 weeks on Langley campus
  • May 2024
  • Advancing Nursing Knowledge Workshop I
  • Supervisory Committee & Comprehensive Exam Prep
Residency 4 2 weeks on Langley Campus
  • May 2025
  • Advancing Nursing Knowledge Workshop II
  • Writing Retreat – focused immersion


A well-rounded program reflects the breadth of roles and responsibilities of those holding an academic position.

Distinct from nursing PhD programs that give top priority to developing scientists, the TWU program is intentionally well-rounded to target all professional skills required for an academic position. Such preparation includes an Advanced Educational Leadership course and an Advanced Public Policy and Knowledge Translation course, in addition to research methodology and design courses.

Internship & mentorship

Internship and mentorship opportunities to learn professional skills from expert educators, leaders, and researchers.

Internships completed in the second year of coursework offer a unique experiential learning aspect to this online program. Students complete a 3-semester hour (approximately 100 hours) internship in education, research, or policy to build professional competencies. They complete a focused project such as an educational workshop, focused data analysis, or policy development.

Research Capacity Building

​Research capacity building within a vibrant scholarship community provides an excellent context for knowledge generation, knowledge translation, and evidence-informed practice.

PhD students in the School of Nursing at Trinity Western University will be mentored by outstanding and committed professors with extensive experience and international reputations as nurse leaders and nurse researchers. TWU nursing faculty have a diverse array of professional skills and programs of research.

Scholarship Topics

Faculty Profiles