Canadian Debit Card (Canadian banking institutions only).

Online Banking (Canadian banking institutions only). Easiest and most convenient way to make domestic payments.

Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD). Automatic monthly withdrawals from Canadian bank accounts. *NOTE: This option closes on the respective semester’s Add/Drop date.


Cheques (Canadian and US funds): *NOTE: TWU does not accept Travelers’ Cheques, or Money Orders issued by a US banking institution

Credit Card: Plastiq: Online payment service

Cash: CDN and USD currency to a maximum of $500 per semester.


Flywire (US and International Payments). Secure way to make and track your international payments.

SPONSORSHIP AWARDS (instructions below)

IMPORTANT: Student Name and ID number should accompany all payments to ensure funds are credited to the correct student account.

If you have questions regarding any of these payment methods please contact the Office of the Registrar

Payment due dates are listed on our website at Payment Dates.

ONLINE BANKING (Canadian Banking Institutions Only)


  • Go to your financial institution's website
  • Click on the Online Banking link and sign in
  • Click on Pay Bills or Payments
  • To make a payment:
    • Select Trinity Western University as Payee
    • When prompted for an account number, enter your Student ID number (*If your ID number is less than six digits, add zeros before the number)
    • Choose the account you want to process the payment from
    • Enter the amount of your payment
    • Submit your payment.

Pre Authorized Debit (PAD)

PAD is available to all students who have a bank account at any major Canadian Bank and/or Canadian Credit Union. Withdrawal of funds from a person’s bank account based on a previously signed authorization.

PAD payments are withdrawn from your account on the following dates:

  • Fall Semester: August 15, September 15, October 15, November 15 
  • Spring Semester: December 15, January 15, February 15, March 15 
  • Summer:  April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15

Additional PAD Fees:

  • PAD Enrolment Fee: $25 per semester
  • PAD Cancellation Fee: $30 per semester
  • PAD Late Payment Fee: $50 per non-negotiable payment

PAD Application:

*NOTE: Students who want to use the PAD payment method are required to reapply for this payment plan each semester.

CHEQUES (Canadian and US Funds)

Cheques are payable to: Trinity Western University

Include: Student name and ID number on the Memo line

Mail the payment to: 

Attention: Office of the Registrar
7600 Glover Road
Langley, BC     V2Y 1Y1 

Credit Card - Plastiq

Plastiq is an online payment service that lets you use the convenience of your preferred credit cards to make payments.

  1. Go to and type in our school name in the “search field”, or
  2. Click on the Plastiq PAY NOW button and you will be linked directly to their site.

Making a payment through Plastiq is similar to making any secure online credit card payment. Once your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation email, and all charges will be clearly indicated on your credit card statement.

Plastiq charges a nominal fee of 2.5% of the total payment amount made to TWU. Two charges will appear on your credit card statement – one will be for the principal amount, and the other will be service the fee.

Please note that although Plastiq’s services are made available to students,  Plastiq is in no way affiliated, related or partnered with TWU. Any issues related to Plastiq’s services should be directed to Plastiq’s service agents.

For additional information about Plastiq please visit

FLYWIRE (International payments, including us)

Trinity Western University has partnered with Flywire to provide our international students with a secure payment method that simplifies the payment process.  With Flywire, you can pay online from banks and countries around the world, usually in your home currency. 

  • Pay with accounts in your home country, in your currency for most countries.
  • Offers payment methods like bank transfer, credit cards and e-payments (Alipay/PayPal) making the process familiar and easy for you.
  • Avoid unnecessary bank fees and receive favorable foreign exchange rates.
  • Track the progress of your payment anytime.  Flywire’s multilingual CUSTOMER SUPPORT is available to help 24x7 using multiple channels. 

To begin your payment, click the button below.  This will take you to Trinity Western University Flywire payment site where you will follow the instructions provided by Flywire to complete the payment.  Or, just go to




How to Pay Video:


If you are expecting Sponsorship, you must provide a copy of your Sponsorship Award letter to the Office of the Registrar by the following dates:

  • Fall Semester: first Friday in August
  • Spring Semester: first Friday in December
  • Summer Semester: first Friday in April

You must also request that your courses be validated on the basis of the sponsorship, as this will not be done automatically.