Jan Lermitte
Lower SNC # 163, Langley/BC

Department(s) or Program(s)


Jan Lermitte teaches first year English and Writing at Trinity Western University.  She also teaches in the TWU Extension program at TWU Richmond.  Her varied background in Business Communication and Education have also provided her with opportunities to teach in the Applied Science program (Engineering) at UBC.  Jan sees education as a transformative experience.  Her  approach emphasizes life-long learning and an interdisciplinary approach that invites exploration of the relationship between literature and the arts.  She has a passion for excellence, and for teaching the mastery of writing skills, critical thinking, and personal responsibility for final results.

Research & Scholarship


M.A.English (University of British Columbia)
Thesis Title: Returning to Vimy Ridge: Canada's Narrative of Battle and Remembrance
Supervisor: Sherrill Grace

B.A., English (Trinity Western University)

Continuing Education:

Instructional Skills Workshop for Faculty: UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (August 2015)

Indexing - An Essential Art and Science (November 2011). 

Simon Fraser University

English 841: Unsettling the Settler Within: Truth, Reconciliation, and Aboriginal Rights in Canada -- Audited (Jan. 2011 - Apr. 2011)  
Simon Fraser University

The Well-Trained English Tutor: Techniques for Effective and Ethical Tutoring (Fall 2010)   
University of British Columbia

Awards & Honors

  • Invited Reviewer: The Vimy Trap: or, How we Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Great War, 2016.
  • Invited Guest Lecturer and Facilitator on Contemporary Canadian War Plays:  Miscellaneous Productions, Vancouver, BC. (with Elaine Carol, Artistic Director),  November 30, 2014 and March 15, 2015.  Discussed two plays in the context of WWI and WWII:  Vimy by Vern Thiessen and Burning Vision by Marie Clements.
  • Royal Canadian Society Scholarship (Oct, 2008)

Recent Publications


“The Call to Duty:  Representations of Canadian WWI Nurses in Contemporary Canadian Literature.”  Transcanadiana: Polish Journal of Canadian Studies. 2016. Forthcoming.

 “Doing the Vimy Glide:  Intersections of Landscape, Art and Memory in Vern Thiessen’s Vimy.Caliban: French Journal of English Studies.  2015.


Lermitte, Jan. “Myth and Memories.” Review of: Carole Giangrande’s Midsummer and Maggie Dominic’s Street Angel. Canadian Literature. 225. (Summer 2015): 135-136.

Lermitte, Jan. “War: Secrets and Loss.” Review of Keith Inman’s The War Poems: Screaming at Heaven; and Frances Itani’s Tell.  Canadian Literature. 223. (Winter 2014): 128-129. 

Lermitte, Jan. “Obsession Examined.” Review of Dennis Bock’s Going Home Again; and Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs. Canadian Literature. 223. (Winter 2014): 158-159.

Lermitte, Jan. “Regional Threats.”  Review of Theodora Armstrong’s Clear Skies, No Wind, 100% Visibility and Tim Bowling’s The Tinsmith. Canadian Literature. 221 (Summer 2014): 130-31.

Lermitte, Jan. ”Family, Place, History.” Review of five Canadian poetry collections.  Canadian Literature. 221 (Summer 2014): 151-52.

Lermitte, Jan. “Women, Work and War.”  Review of Glassford and Shaw’s A Sisterhood of Suffering and ServiceCanadian Literature. 218 (Autumn 2013): 161-62.

Lermitte, Jan. "A Young Woman Hungers." Review of Maggie de Vries’  Hunger JourneysCanadian Literature. 214 (Autumn 2012): 152-53.

Lermitte, Jan. "Truth Embedded in Fiction." Review of Johanna Skibsrud’s The SentimentalistsCanadian Literature. 209 (Summer 2011): 179-80.

Lermitte, Jan. "Rebellious Causes". Review of Vern Thiessen’s Vimy; Vittorio Rossi’ Carmela's Table; and Stephen Masicott’s The Oxford Roof Climber's RebellionCanadian Literature. 201 (Summer 2009): 192-94.   


The Call to Duty:  Representations of Canadian WWI Nurses in Contemporary Canadian Literature

Presented to: Polish Association of Canadian Studies

At: 7th Congress of PACS: Canada and War. University of Nicholas Copernicus, Torun, Poland

Date Presented: May, 2016

The Sentimentalists: Analysis of the Frame of Casablanca  
Presented To: UBC Dept of English; American Comparative Literatures Association 2011
At: Literary Questions, Cognitive Methods, University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada
Date Presented: March, 2011

Faith and Art, Frames and Anchors: Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm  
Presented To: Poetics and Linguistic Association
At: 30th Annual Conference of PALA: The Language of Landscapes, University of Genoa, Italy

Date Presented: July, 2010

Doing the Vimy Glide: Interconnections of Art, Battle and Memory in Vern Thiessen's Vimy  
Presented To: Canadian Association of Theatre Research
At: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Date Presented: April, 2010

Anchors and Frames in Annie Dillard's Holy the Firm  
Presented To: Christianity and Literature Study Group (Affiliate of ACCUTE)
At: Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Date Presented: May, 2009

Warring with the Past: Jane Urquhart's The Stone Carvers as Historical Novel  
At: North American Pacific Northwest Graduate Language and Literature Conference, University of British Columbia, British Columbia, Canada
Date Presented: March, 2009


Twentieth Century Canadian Literature, Culture and Drama, with particular attention to the topic of Vimy Ridge as an iconic subject in Canadian World War I literature.  Closely related are texts written by, or about, those who have been previously elided or ignored in Canadian literature, such as women (especially artists) on the home front during WWI and II, as well as Asian-Canadian and First Nations citizens. Current Research is on the topic of representations of nurses, and depictions of faith in Canadian World War I literature. Jan is also interested in Cognitive Poetics as an approach to literary analysis.  She examines contemporary North American texts using frame evocation and cognitive integration (or blending) theory.

Courses Taught

English 103 Introduction to Fiction

English 104 Introduction to Drama and Poetry

Writing 100  Introduction to University Writing

Technical Writing:

Applied Science 201 Technical Communication for Engineers (UBC)

Electrical and Computer Engineering 281 Technical Communication for Electrical and computer Engineers (UBC)