R. Ray Klapwyk, Ph.D.

Part-time Instructor of Leadership; Advisor

  • 1960 – 1983 Teacher and Principal at Christian Schools and Public Schools in Guelph, Toronto, Hamilton,  Edmonton, and Fort McMurray.
  • 1984 – 1990 A “break” from education, learned a new trade and established a small music business.
  • 1991 – 1994 Enrolled in PhD program at Washington State University. Specializations: Reformation History, Cultural Anthropology, Community Studies, Educational Leadership.
  • 1994 – 2002 Superintendent at Mount Vernon Christian School, Mt. Vernon, WA
  • 2002 – Present Part-time Instructor and Advisor, Trinity Western University, MA Leadership & MA Educational Leadership

  • Ph.D. Educational Leadership (Washington State 1994)
  • M.Ed. (Toronto 1970)
  • B.A. English and History (Queen's 1968)
  • Elementary and Secondary Teacher Certification (Hamilton Teachers College 1959-1960)


  • Ethnography
  • Community Studies
  • Christian School Curriculum
  • Servant Leadership
  • Philosophy of Education

Current research and writing project (spring 2020)

I am currently researching the centuries-long practices or forced assimilation and cultural genocide based on the “Doctrine of Discovery” assumption that Indigenous peoples are less human than Western European Christians and that they must be assimilated or driven out of existence while being replaced by settlers who are, presumably, more deserving of the title “created in the image of God.” My intention is to explore the implications of this long history of repression and persecution for educational leadership in our culturally diverse society. How can our cultural differences be reconciled through dialogue which honors the cultural traditions of all learners? My tentative essay title is: “Hospitality: Discerning and Celebrating Indigenous Gifts.” This essay will be included in my course notes for LDRS 620 Foundations of Educational Leadership.

Recent Publications

Building School Communities: An Ethnographic Study of Educational Leaders, Classroom Covenants, and Community Ceremonies (Unpublished Dissertation 1994) Uploaded to Scribd.com and Academia.edu

Leading with Integrity in Educational Settings (2016). This essay was written to accompany my online courses LDRS 620 Foundations of Educational Leadership and LDRS 646 Empowering Leadership in the Master of Arts in Leadership program at Trinity Western University. Uploaded to Scribd.com and Academia.edu

  • EDUC 620 Worldview Fndns for Educ Leadership
  • EDUC 623 Developing Educational Programs
  • EDUC 624 Instructional Ldrship & Supervision
  • EDUC 624 School Leadership & Supervision
  • LDRS 590 Research Methods
  • LDRS 590 Scholarly Inquiry & Research Method
  • LDRS 620 Worldview FDN of Educ Leadershp
  • LDRS 620 Worldview Fndtns for Educ Leadershp
  • LDRS 620 Worldview Fndtns of Educ Leadershp
  • LDRS 624 Instructnl Leadership & Supervision
  • LDRS 624 School Leadership & Supervision
  • LDRS 646 Empowering Leadership
  • LDRS 696 Leadership Integration Project
  • LDRS 697 Leadership Integration Project I
  • LDRS 698 Leadership Integration Project II