Spartan Sport Clubs are student led sport clubs within Recreation.

Those who want to be a part of a competitive league have several options.  As a competitive program, all teams participate in club leagues at a local level. Players are required to tryout in order to make the team.

Following a "pay to play" type model, each sport club determines it's dues based on expenses related to: competition registration fees, facility or venue rentals, travel related costs, apparel, equipment, and coaches. However, Clubs receive some financial support from the University for coaching.

Contact the team manager(s) for more information.  Tryouts occur in the first week of September. 

Spartan Sport Clubs offers teams in:

Men’s Hockey –

Men’s Basketball – Daniel Cox

Men’s Soccer – Sam Delaney

Women’s Soccer – Emily Peters

Co-ed Volleyball – Aaron Long

The Outdoor Club offers opportunities in the outdoors for students of all skill and experience levels.  We are a student run club for outdoor enthusiasts.  We enjoy hiking, climbing, skiing, rafting, snow shoeing and all self-propelled adventures.

Contact Shale Tweed or Josh Redekop for more information. 

The Badminton club offers drop-in programming on Wednesday nights from 7-9pm for both beginner and advanced players.  Other opportunities for tournaments and events are also available to members.  Contact Tony Hsieh for more information.

*If you have an idea for a potential Sport Club fill out our Club Application Form

For general information please contact