Centre for Global Entrepreneurship

The mission of the Centre is “to fully understand the environment within which organizations in specific global regions operate, in order to develop sustainable and ethical management and leadership principles, that entrepreneurs in different global regions could implement within their organizations.”

The objectives of the Centre are the following:

  1. conduct research on current management activities/practices within firms in specific global regions; this research would include financial management, human resource management, marketing management, production and operations management, etc.;
  2. conduct research on behaviours and actions of the consumers of products/services within specific global regions;
  3. conduct research on organization leadership and culture within firms in specific global regions;
  4. develop and deliver seminars on how best to lead and manage organizations within specific global regions, with a focus on the implementation of ethical business practices.

The focus for the first five years of the Centre would be on China, as this is currently where much of the current faculty members’ research interests are, and also this is where the School of Business at TWU is currently offering an MBA program. This global focus would be reviewed in five years time, with the intent that the focus would shift to a different global region. To assist the Centre in achieving its goals, there will be a need to identify individuals who would comprise the Advisory Board; advisors should be those who work within the global marketplace (eg. business owners, entrepreneurs, academics) and could provide advice and direction to the Centre on needs within this marketplace.

The following outlines the specific goals of the CGE for the next 5 years:

  • Research will be conducted on HRM, Organization Development, Leadership, Consumer Behaviour, and Financial Issues in China, and at least 5 journal articles will be published
  • Funding will be secured for several research projects
  • Seminars and workshops on ethical management practices will be delivered in several cities in China
  • Partnerships with faculty from other universities, both within Canada and China, will be established that will assist in the research and the grant funding
  • Annual internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students will be created in indigenous Chinese organizations that would provide the students with a better understanding of Chinese management practices, and would allow the students to assist the managers/entrepreneurs in implementing best practices





  1. 研究目前在某一个国际区域的管理行为/惯例,研究范围包括金融财务管理、人力资源管理、市场营销管理、生产运营管理等
  2. 研究消费者在某一个国际区域对产品/服务的行为和行动
  3. 研究在某一个国际区域的企业领导力和企业文化
  4. 开发和举办研讨培训,专注于在某一个国际区域里如何最好地带领和管理企业,特别是商业道德实施方面。



  • 在中国进行人力资源管理、企业发展、领导力、消费者行为学和金融财务和金融市场的研究,发布最少5份期刊文章
  • 获得几个研究项目的资金
  • 在几个中国城市举办商务研讨会和讲座,关注于合乎道德的最佳商业运作
  • 与其它加拿大和中国大学的教职人员建立合作关系,获取研究帮助和资金捐助
  • 创建本科生和研究生在中国本土企业年度实习机会,让学生更好理解中国管理惯例,同时协助管理者/企业家执行最佳实施方法