Financial Aid

Trinity Western Seminary offers a variety of scholarships and endowment awards to provide financial assistance to our TWS students registered in full-time and part-time studies at ACTS Seminaries.

We also want to serve our EFCC churches by training church leaders across the spectrum of ministry settings - whether associate pastors, senior pastors, elders, chaplains, marriage & family therapists, church planters, missionaries or second career staff members. We have a wide variety of financial aid available specifically for EFCC members and pastors. All the details can be found in the Financial Aid Brochure.

For all Financial Aid, the first step would be to fill out the online form. This has to be done every year of your study at ACTS Seminaries, before 1 May. In addition, for EFCC awards, please fill out the forms (found below) and submit them to the TWS office. With regards to the EFCC Fosmark Matching Grant, please contact for further information and the form.

DMN. Award
EFCC Pastor Grant
Small Church Sabbatical Study Grant
Free Church Member Tuition Subsidy


TWS President’s Scholarship

The recipient of this award has to be a full-time TWS student for the Fall and Spring Semester. A high GPA has to be maintained through the program. Leadership qualities, future goals and ministry will also be assessed.

TWS Dean’s Scholarship

Full-time TWS students (Fall & Spring Semester) can apply for this award. The recipient will have the highest GPA and this must be maintained in the Fall semester to receive the award in the Spring semester. Leadership qualities, future goals and ministry will also be assessed.

G & R Linder Memorial Scholarships: Given to an international TWS full-time student, with plans for foreign Christian service and currently active in church life.

Berggren Award: Given to a full-time TWS student who has a heart for evangelism.

EFCC Women’s Ministry Missions Award: Given to full-time or part-time TWS student planning to serve or is currently serving with the EFCC Mission.

EFCC Women’s Ministry Pastoral Award: Given to an EFCC pastor studying at TWS. Could be a part-time or full-time student.

Peverall Ministerial Scholarship: Given to full-time, third-year pastoral student at TWS.

Women in Pastoral Studies Award: Given to full-time TWS female student in the M.Div., MRE or MACS program, who is seeking a pastoral position in a church.

Trinity Western Seminary EFC Award: Given to full-time or part-time TWS student who is an EFCC pastor or member. May be given to others if no EFC adherents are eligible.

Liberg Memorial Scholarship: Available to full-time international student studying at TWS who demonstrates outstanding character, a strong commitment to studies, and displays warmth and concern for fellow students.

Dr. John Ray & Christina Stewart Scholarship Fund: TWS student who is a current member of an EFC congregation.

Rural Ministries Award: TWS student going into rural ministry (church or pastoral) or a graduate student from a rural area.

Allie Caldwell Biblical Studies Memorial Scholarship: A returning TWS student with a financial need.


Please note that EFCC Awards have additional forms and they are available at the TWS office.

EFCC Fosmark Endowment & Matching Grant (FEMG) Program

Based on financial need, full-time (9 credit hours per semester) Free Church students in the M.A in Christian Studies or M.Div. programs who are EFCC members, actively serving in an Ev. Free congregation during their seminary studies, and planning on seeking ministry with the EFC upon graduation, can apply for this Grant. TWS will partner with the student and their church in a three-way cost-sharing of the tuition fees. TWS will match no more than 9 credit hours per semester. (Home EFC=3 credits; TWS=3 credits; student=3 credits)

NOTE: Please contact the TWS office for the application form — which has to be completed and signed by both the student and their home church.

Criteria for EFCC Awards 1 to 4:

  • Please complete the TWU online forms by 1st May, every year.
  • All applicants will be required to submit a TWS application form directly to the TWS office.
  • Part-time is defined as 1 or more courses up to full-time studies (9 credits).
  • Financial need will be a factor in all part-time awards.

1. Small Church Sabbatical Study Grants

Purpose: To help smaller Free Churches (100 or less in attendance) support their pastors in sabbatical study.

Amount: Up to $1000.

Criteria: Must be an Evangelical Free Church pastor, staff member, or missionary. The church must be 100 or less in average yearly attendance, as reported in the EFCC Annual Church Directory. Must enroll in an ACTS degree program. Applicants must provide a letter describing how their Church will benefit from their sabbatical studies at ACTS.

2. Ev. Free D.Min. Award

Purpose: To help Evangelical Free Church Pastors pursue D.Min. Studies at TWS/ACTS

Amount: Up to $1000.

Criteria: Must be an EFC pastor enrolled in the D.Min. program.

3. Evangelical Free Church Pastor Grant

Purpose: to encourage part-time study for EFC pastors at TWS.

Amount: Up to $750

Criteria: Must be an Evangelical Free Church pastor, staff member, or missionary. Must be enrolled in an ACTS degree program. Churches encouraged to match this grant for their pastors.

4. Free Church Member Tuition Subsidy

Purpose: to encourage continuing education (part-time or full-time) for EFC members.

Amount: $100 per credit hour, up to a maximum of 3 credit hours per semester. (Available Summer, Fall, and Spring semesters.)

Criteria: Open to Evangelical Free lay leaders, pastors, staff, or missionaries. Maybe non-degree, diploma, or ACTS degree enrolled students. Must be a currently attending member of an EFC church, while studying at TWS.

ACTS Teaching/Research Assistant

TWS students may be eligible for a teaching assistant (TA) position here at ACTS.

Contact: The ACTS Office

Employment Opportunities

Listings of part-time employment opportunities are available at the TWU Learning Commons. The Learning Commons will assist TWS and ACTS students to develop a top-quality vita, practice interview skills, and how to conduct job searches.

Contact: The Learning Commons

Telephone: 604-888-7511 (2017)

ACTS Financial Aid

ACTS Financial Aid is also available for all ACTS students. To learn more about this, please contact Kevin O’Coin, Assistant Director of Admissions.


The Fine Print

  • All Grants, Scholarships and Bursaries will be made directly to the TWU student accounts.
  • Recipients of the EFCC Fosmark Endowment and Matching Grant will not be eligible for the EFCC Member Tuition Subsidy.
  • In the case of the EFCC Fosmark Endowment and Matching Grant (FEMG):
  1. A student must be accepted as a TWS student at ACTS Seminaries prior to submitting the FEMG application.
  2. TWS will pay 1/3rd of the tuition of no more than 9 credit hours (Fall & Spring semester). Payment of any extra credit hours registered, is the responsibility of the student.
  3. For a student to qualify, an application (available at the TWS office) must be completed by the student and the church, and submitted to TWS, along with a letter of commitment from the church stating that the church will support the student through his/her entire program of study at ACTS Seminaries.
  4. FEMG students remain eligible for all other TWS awards.

Please contact the TWS Office for specifics as all details of awards cannot be included on this webpage.

IMPORTANT: Most TWS Financial awards are based on the financial need of the applicants and limited by the availability of endowed funds.