Published Works

Called to a Higher Purpose

Essence & Ends in Canada's Christian University

Dr. Jonathan Raymond's book, Called to a Higher Purpose: Essence & Ends in Canada's Christian University, is divided into three sections. In the first section, The Essence of a Christian University, Dr. Raymond discusses the ultimate ends that a Christian university pursues and the Christ-centred essence that motivates those ends. He presents Christian universities as ecologies of holiness in which students grow into the kinds of men and women who bring peace and human flourishing into the world. In the second section, A Particular People, he examines how the Christian university can be more than a place, but also a people of extraordinary love and hope. The final section, The Call of Shalom, includes two addresses to students that describe the positive impact the Christian University can have on the world through its graduates. To purchase your copy of the book, visit Trinity Western Outfitters.

Called to Transform

Essays on Spiritual Formation in Canada's Christian University

Called to Transform represents faculty and staff in a Christian university encouraging each other to come along side students and facilitate their spiritual formation. It takes a committed university community to raise up the next generation of Christ-like leaders to profoundly influence the world. In this book, faculty and staff members from varying academic disciplines—such as music, sociology, and nursing—discuss ways of helping students to experience positive spiritual growth during their university years and beyond. To purchase your copy of the book, visit Trinity Western Outfitters.