Game Design, Game Art, Music + Sound Design, Software Development

Choose from these 4 study streams

TWU’s Game Development Program offers four study streams. Which stream is right for you?

The world-builder

You’re a creative and narrative artist. You love to give form to systems and breathe life into the imaginary worlds, characters, places, and plots everyone wants to interact with.

What’s my stream?

Game Design: learn how to design, structure and write narrative and dialogue, and do public relations, blogging and community management for video games.

The artist

Design is your life. So is learning how to create amazing, memorable-looking game worlds—including the websites and materials that promote them to the world.

What’s my stream?

Game Art: learn to design and implement artwork and animation for video games and create supporting publicity materials like promotional websites.

The maestro

Passionate about music and sound, you love to play around with digital technology to create dynamic sound environments. You believe the best gaming experience is an immersive one.

What’s my stream?

Music + Sound Design: learn how to compose and create the sound environments and soundtracks of game worlds.


You’re a technical thinker, you love working with machines, and you’re passionate about programming. You’re looking for the chance to put it all together as part of a diverse team.

What’s my stream?

Software Development: learn to program and design video game software.