Program Details


  • Marketable skills for a highly competitive industry
  • Bachelor’s degree in game development
  • Industry-ready portfolio for further specialized study, including student-created and marketed video games
  • Small class sizes
  • Team-based collaborative learning environment


Students graduating from this program will have an impressive portfolio and professional connections. They will be well-positioned to work on small-team game projects in their area of specialization. Game Art graduates go on to be illustrators, designers, and animators. Music & Sound Design graduates are well suited to work as composers, studio workers, and sound designers. Software Development graduates are prepared to work on the various technical and programming careers in the industry. Game Design graduates will be perfectly suited to small-team and independent productions that require people to work on multiple tasks—anything from level design, public relations, and business management to helping out with art, sound, or coding. All of our graduates are well-prepared to move into graduate programs in game design and development.