Why Game Development?

Video games matter, and Christians are looking to have a bolder voice in the video game world.

Why Game Development?

Video games matter, and Christians are looking to have a bolder voice in the video game world.

Equipping students for success in a competitive industry.

The video game industry is massive and global, earning over $40 billion in the US alone last year. Market trends show it will continue to be a major employer of well-paid, highly skilled professionals.

Our unique Game Development program is unlike any other program. You will gain the technical skills you need to develop video games and knowledge about the entrepreneurial aspects of the business—all while gaining experience and developing your specialization in a range of team-based activities.

Beginning as early as your second year, you will work on three intensive projects to create and market video games. As in the industry, you will work within an entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary team environment to drive the projects from concept stage to promotion—creating business models and monitoring costs and revenues. In addition to building your portfolio through experiential learning, TWU’s liberal arts core and focus on holistic education will equip you to be a valuable contributor and leader in your field.


  • Marketable skills for a highly competitive industry
  • Bachelor’s degree in game development
  • Industry-ready portfolio for further specialized study, including student-created and marketed video games
  • Small class sizes
  • Team-based collaborative learning environment


A. Game Design: Students learn how to design games, and combine that with the study of writing, art, sound design, programming or business.

Course Sampling:

  • Game Design for Video Games
  • Advanced Game Design
  • Interactive Storytelling
  • Creative Writing
  • User Experience Design
  • Video Game Aesthetics
B. Game Art: Students learn to design and implement artwork and animation for video games and create supporting publicity materials like promotional websites.

Course Sampling:

  • Foundations of Animation
  • Foundations of 3D Graphics
  • Video Game Art
  • Advanced Animation
  • User Experience Design
  • Video Game Aesthetics
C. Music + Sound Design: Students learn how to compose and create the sound environments and soundtracks of game worlds.

Course Sampling:

  • Sound + Music for Video Games
  • Sound Design
  • Advanced Sound Design
  • Interactive Sound Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Video Game Aesthetics
D. Software Development: Students learn to program and design video game software.

Course Sampling:

  • Intro into Programming
  • Data Structures + Algorithms
  • Software Engineering
  • Game Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence for Games
  • User Experience Design


Students graduating from this program will have an impressive portfolio and professional connections. They will be well-positioned to work on small-team game projects in their area of specialization. Game Art graduates go on to be illustrators, designers, and animators. Music & Sound Design graduates are well suited to work as composers, studio workers, and sound designers. Software Development graduates are prepared to work on the various technical and programming careers in the industry. Game Design graduates will be perfectly suited to small-team and independent productions that require people to work on multiple tasks—anything from level design, public relations, and business management to helping out with art, sound, or coding. All of our graduates are well-prepared to move into graduate programs in game design and development.


      Bachelor of Arts (BA)

      What We Offer

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      The choice of four study streams or specializations (please see below)

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      Hands-on experience through three, team-based game development projects

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      Small class sizes and high-calibre, supportive, faith-based learning

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      A Bachelor of Arts degree in game development

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      An industry-ready portfolio of work upon graduation



      Which Study Stream is Right for You?

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      Careers by Study Stream
       Game Design

      Game Designer
      Writer/Narrative Designer
      Systems Designer
      Level Designer

       Game Art

      Concept Artist
      UI/UX Designer
      Technical Artist
      Environment Artist

       Music & Sound Design

      Sound/Audio Designer
      Sound/Audio Manager

       Software Development

      Gameplay Programmer
      Game Developers
      Frontend/Backend Web Developer
      Software Engineer

       All Streams

      Project Manager
      QA (Quality Assurance) Manager

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      Financial Aid

      Investing in your future may require some help along the way. We offer merit and need-based awards to help offset the cost of tuition. Planning early is key and we are here to help get you started.

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      Admission Requirements

      The admissions process at TWU is designed to be simple and convenient. Once we receive your application and transcripts, you will be contacted by your admissions counsellor within two weeks on your admittance.

      Faculty Profiles

      Andrey Goncharov, B.Sc.

      Part-time Instructor of Game Development

      Kevin P. Schut, Ph.D.

      Professor of Media + Communication
      Chair, Department of Media + Communication
      Game Development Program Lead

      Eric Stein, M.A.

      Part-time Instructor of Game Development