Art Club

This student art group provides leadership experience and builds community among the artists at TWU.

Interdisciplinary Travel Studies

On alternate years SAMC offers an interdisciplinary travel study course to London and Paris. Students are encouraged to think critically and reflectively about the gifts of human creativity as expressed in the visual arts, theatre, dance and music. On-site lectures/discussions, visits to art galleries and museums, and attendance at a number of concerts and plays challenge students to deeply engage with the historical, religious, and societal backgrounds of the work. Through this lens, students explore the role of the arts in both illuminating and enriching their lives.


The department provides opportunities and encourages students to exhibit their work on and off campus. Each year-end Senior Studio exhibition features work from graduating Art + Design majors. Students are involved in every aspect of the show from the making of the artwork to the business side of exhibitions, such as publicity, funding and event planning.

Practica Program

Students can work alongside practicing professionals at various sites such as design studios, visual art studios, museums, galleries or community arts organizations gaining invaluable experience. SAMC students have benefited from placements at the Reach Gallery Museum, Good Marketers Group, the Surrey Art Gallery, the Contemporary Art Gallery. We have also partnered with various lower mainland artists, designers, art therapists, and community organizations. Students may also choose to work on one of several on-campus publications for their practicum credits, providing them with the valuable experience of working in a fast-paced interdisciplinary team setting.

Department Leadership

Leadership opportunities within the department include paid TA positions such as studio, community, and gallery assistants. Since full-time faculty studios are on campus, students can witness faculty professional practices and take advantage of opportunities to assist or collaborate on projects. 

Student Media