The primary mission of the GENV programs is to develop godly leaders with scientific and technical expertise to tackle complex human and environment problems with a skill set that emphasizes a combination of problem solving, critical thinking, geospatial technologies and analysis, interdisciplinary learning, and hands-on solutions to positively impact people’s quality of life and their environment.

Faculty and staff engaged in running the program also provide leadership in the local community and more globally in their scholarship and in more practical ways that they approach the task of creation stewardship.

The programs exist to engage, inspire and challenge students to become informed local and global citizens who have the opportunity to tackle complex human, spatial and environmental problems. Therefore, the task is to stimulate and promote excellence in geographic and environmental scholarship by providing a teaching and learning setting that fosters intellectual knowledge, transferable and technical skills, and hands-on experiences, preparing our students for life in a dynamic and complex world and encouraging them to become life-long learners.

As Christian educators, it is our mandate to bear witness to the Scriptural mandate to care for God’s natural and human creation, and bring to bear the voice and perspectives of the poor and marginalized in society to the process of understanding, planning and managing our social, economic, and natural environments.