Fraser Hall

Dorm & Apartments Style
fraser hall

There are two types of living arrangements in Fraser Hall: traditional style and apartment style. Traditional style housing is predominantly for 1st and 2nd year students, and Fraser contains traditional housing for both male (South Fraser) and female residents (North Fraser).  These sections are separated by a centre section of apartments that are reserved for 3rd and 4th year students.

Traditional housing is typically split up into areas that have between 15-20 people, with double occupancy rooms, that are organized around a small common lounge and assigned a Resident Assistant (student leader). All lounges contain couches, a fridge, a sink and a cupboard nook, and are a great place to visit with friends, make a snack, or study.

Apartments have one or two bedrooms, a full kitchen and bath, small storage area and living room. Fraser apartment residents have two Apartment Reps who plan events and build community.

Fraser Hall Amenities

  • Three large common lounges
  • 2 full community kitchens
  • 3 large screen televisions
  • Wireless internet access available
  • Large laundry room on main floor; card or app-operated, large-load-capacity washers and dryers
  • 6 Quiet study rooms located throughout the building
  • Ping-Pong table

Apartment & Dorm Room Floor Plans

Apartment - One Bedroom [PDF]

Apartment - Two Bedroom [PDF]

Dorm - Standard [PDF]