Fashioned for students who desire to be competent consumers and creatives in today’s media scene. The stream focuses on how media relates to society, and how we might critique media mindfully, but also gets students’ hands on digital technologies for web development, digital gaming, and filmmaking. If you have an eye for the visual, and a mind for the imaginative, you may find this stream to be perfect for your creative gifts.


Intended for students interested in developing as leaders in organizational and cultural life. Courses include instruction in public speaking, human influence, interpersonal relating and organizational communication for cultural change. If you tend to lead, or you just want to improve your people skills, consider the leadership stream.


Ideal for those who want to pursue writing-intensive careers in journalism, public relations, technical writing, and radio/TV/film script development. The stream focuses on non-fiction writing, but includes creative fiction as well. If you’re currently writing for your school newspaper or arts magazine, or if you want to become a public relations writer, this stream is for you.


This program is designed to prepare graduates for senior leadership roles in corporate communications. Students take courses in both SAMC and the School of Business, learning to be capable communicators, equipped for senior corporate positions which involve team building, project management, media applications, and visual communication. They will possess a basic understanding of business and competition in a global context. While equipping students to be creative writers, designers, and leaders in campaign development and delivery, the program will also train them to lead with integrity. Learn more about the Corporate Communication degree.