Who We Are

Are you interested in becoming a dynamic leader, a passionate media producer, or a reliable and creative writer? Then this is your program!

The Department of Media + Communication at Trinity Western University is focused on mentoring students to become competent communicators in a wide range of professional fields. We have three streams of study:

  • Media studies students increase their media literacy and get their hands on digital technology to create their own films, websites, video games and more.
  • Our professional writers see their news articles and features in the student-run Mars Hill, and in off-campus publications too.
  • Leadership communication students develop interpersonal, group, and public presentation skills for the marketplace.

Media + Communication is definitely a "doing" major. You will learn not only theories and history and criteria for evaluating effective communication, but you will also write, speak, shoot, and edit from day one. We have students working on real-life public relations projects, producing films for our annual Cinergy film fest, creating video games, and doing practicum work at a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations. You can also experience exciting and life-transforming travel studies to Guatemala and Belize or Kenya. Our small class sizes allow you to get to know your profs well and get top-quality education.

All of this is geared toward professional preparation. We want our students working on careers that can transform our world: public relations, film and video production, journalism, marketing, ministry, education, and more.

We hope you can join us in transforming our world!

Dr. Kevin Schut
Chair, Department of Media + Communication