Nina Pak Lui, M.Ed.

Assistant Professor of Education

Nina achieved her M.Ed. in Curriculum Studies from University of British Columbia. She is presently an assistant professor in the School of Education at Trinity Western University. Previously, she was a guidance counselor at Pacific Academy, and a middle school classroom teacher. Nina volunteered as a curriculum consultant, high school service trip leader, developmental volleyball coach, and outdoor education co-leader. Nina is committed to: designing curriculum that is meaningful and purposeful, co-creating an inclusive, compassionate, engaged and hope-filled learning community and sharing theoretical knowledge that fosters student growth and understanding of becoming a teacher. She believes that education is a transformational journey and should inspire the heart and mind.

M.Ed. - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

B. Ed. - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

B. A. - University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC


- Curriculum Design and Instruction - Approaches to Teaching and Learning - Teacher Education and Teacher Identity Formation

Teaching and Learning, Curriculum Design and Pedagogy, Teacher Education, Critical Issues in Education, Transformational Change through Education, Cultural Connections in Education, Aims of Education and Educational Leadership

EDUC 222 - Principles of Teaching and Learning

EDUC 321 - Curriculum Planning for Classroom

EDUC 401 - Assessment and Evaluation