Goals of the Gender Studies Institute:

  • To promote collaborative research and scholarship in the area of gender studies.
  • To assist faculty and graduate students in identifying possible funding sources to support their research in the field of gender.
  • To help faculty and students think critically about gender in theory and practice across the disciplines and in a range of applied contexts.
  • To build up a collection of resource material on gender studies to assist faculty teaching in this area.
  • To prepare students to be sensitive to the nuances of gender in both private and public settings.
  • To organize and host interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary forums, lecture series, and conferences on gender studies.
  • To provide an academic space in which to examine, theorize, & debate the relationship of faith and gender.
  • To establish and support a gender studies minor at TWU.
  • To mentor students working in gender studies to develop highly qualified new scholars in the field.
  • To engage with members of the local community on a spectrum of gender-related issues.