Do I need an SAT or ACT score to transfer to TWU?

TWU is test-optional.  An SAT or ACT test score is not required for your initial evaluation.

Is there Financial Aid available for transfer students?

Yes! Transfer students qualify for Transfer Academic Scholarships. Canadian and US transfer students can also qualify for Need-Based Awards by filling out our Financial Aid application (Canadian students) or by submitting the Federal Application For Student Aid (FAFSA) and listing TWU as a school to receive your FAFSA info (US students). Student Loans are also available to transfer students.

Is there on-campus housing available for transfer students?

Yes. Dorm-style housing is always available for transfer students. Sometimes there is also space for transfer students in our upperclassmen housing. If you’re interested in applying for upperclassmen housing, please contact your admissions counsellor.

Do I have to live on campus?

TWU students are required to live on campus for their first two years, unless they are living with their immediate family or spouse, are 21, or have at least 57 credits completed.

How do I know if the classes I’m currently taking will transfer?

If you’re signing up for classes at your current institution, check with your admissions counsellor first to see what your best options might be. If you are currently studying in BC, you can check the BC Transfer Guide.  Please note, this is only a guide and does not guarantee transfer. It is not an exhaustive list, so your courses may still transfer into TWU if you go to an accredited institution. Please contact your admissions counsellor with any questions.

How do I know if my completed credits will transfer?

Once you apply for TWU and give your transcripts to your admissions counsellor,  we will conduct a transfer credit evaluation to let you know how your credits are transferring in. If we have not previously evaluated a course, our evaluation is more than five years old, or you took the course more than five years ago, you are required to submit a syllabus in order for it to be evaluated. You must arrange for official and final transcripts to be sent directly to TWU from your college or university in order to give guaranteed transfer credit.


Transfer credit is awarded up to a maximum of 75 semester hours for all acceptable courses with a passing grade from various accredited universities and community colleges. Various individual transfer credit maximums and restrictions for accredited Bible Colleges/Institutes of Technology and Applied Arts are detailed in the Transfer Students section of your Academic Calendar.

Where should I send my transcripts?

You can send transcripts to the TWU Admissions Office at 7600 Glover Rd, Langley, BC V2Y 1Y1.

Will my GPA carry over to TWU?

Your transfer GPA will be used to determine your Academic Scholarship, but your transfer credit grades will not be included in your TWU GPA.

What courses should I take before transferring to TWU?

There are no course requirements for transferring into TWU. Please contact your admissions counsellor with questions.

Are there jobs on campus available for transfer students?

Yes, transfer students can work on campus at TWU.

Are there student leadership positions available for transfer students?

There are a few student leadership positions left open for new students in the fall. The TWU Student Council (TWUSA) has two open positions each fall that transfers students can apply for. The student-led chapel worship teams often accept new students in the fall as well. If you have a specific position in mind, talk to your admissions counsellor.

What are the core requirements for transfer students?

For most transfer students, the core requirements remain the same. If you are transferring in 57 or more credits, you may have modified core requirements. Please contact your admissions counsellor for details.

Does TWU do block transfers if I complete my Associate of Arts (AA) Degree?

TWU does a block transfer for students with AA Degrees from colleges in BC, Washington, and Oregon. If you have an AA from a different province or state, please contact your admissions counsellor.

Will I have an Academic Advisor at TWU?

All TWU students have a faculty advisor. In your first semester at TWU, your admissions counsellor will help you with course selection. When you arrive on campus you will get to meet your faculty advisor. They will assist you in course selection for the remainder of your time at TWU. Typically your faculty advisor is a member of the department you are majoring in.

Can I transfer into the TWU Nursing program?

The TWU Nursing program does accept transfer students. If you’re considering Nursing, please contact your admissions counsellor. The Application Deadline for Nursing is February 28. Transfer students will need to submit an application, high school transcripts, post-secondary transcripts, a Nursing application and Nursing reference. The Nursing program will look at grades for Grade 12 English, Grade 12 Chemistry, Grade 12 Biology, and Grade 11 Math for admission.

Can transfer students attend TWU’s Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa?

Transfer students can attend the LLC in Ottawa. Students need a prerequisite TWU course and two academic references, so it is likely that you wouldn’t be able to attend until at least your second year at TWU and third or fourth year in terms of credits. Find out more at

Can I visit the campus?

We would love for you to visit campus! Preview Weekends are the best time to visit, and include sessions specifically for transfer students. They also give you a chance to tour the campus, meet current students and faculty, stay overnight in the dorms, go to chapel, hear a lecture, learn about extracurricular activities and Financial Aid, and try the food. Preview Days are a shorter event where you’ll see the campus, go to chapel, meet professors, and hear about Financial Aid. Both events are free; you just need to register at If those dates don’t work for you, you can also set up an individual campus visit by registering at the same site.