What to Expect

Personal & Customizable

The MBA program coordinator will meet with you to create a personalized study plan. Whether you are a full-time student or a full-time working professional or entrepreneur, an individualized study plan can be created to suit your life and allow you to start the program year-round. The MBA team will also work with you to ensure your program equips you to reach your goals.

Education For The Whole Person

Today’s leaders face many challenges, both personal and professional. TWU’s MBA program is designed to prepare you for both career advancement and personal growth, developing you for competencies, characters, and compassion. At TWU we want to act as a catalyst for your personal and professional development journey.
“All MBA programs talk about career advancement and pay raises, but that is not our only goal,” explains Dr. Chen Liu, MBA director. “We want people to realize their personal value and find a professional route or path that is well-aligned to it. Yes, the work is rigorous, but the TWU experience is safe and trusted, first and foremost.”

Leading With Integrity

The TWU MBA encourages students to integrate best practices with a solid ethical foundation. Personal integrity is not just good business, but a crucial part of building credibility with team members, investors, and customers. Many TWU MBA graduates find this aspect of the program extremely valuable in their careers. In the words of one graduate, Daniel Tseng, “Above all else, it was a reminder that the world of business is not always just about the bottom line.”

Alumni & Mentorship Network

TWU is proud of its alumni network of business and non-profit leaders and entrepreneurs. These leaders know first-hand the high quality of TWU’s education and its MBA graduates. Come and be part of a growing community that doesn’t settle—but one relentless in the pursuit of the kind of success that makes a meaningful difference in the world.

MBA in Non-Profit and Charitable Organizational Management

21-month part-time hybrid format (in-class and online)
Designed for working professionals, the Non-Profit and Charitable Organizational Management Specialization is offered in a 21–month, hybrid format. Five online interactive courses in your area of specialization give you the flexibility you need to continue your career while you enhance it. Just five short sessions over the course of the program at the beautiful TWU Langley campus (see example program journey above) offer the value of face-to-face learning with instructors and fellow professionals.

MBA in International Business

18-month full-time intensive format (in-class)
The International Business Specialization is perfect for those who have a vision for business that crosses national borders and who want a world-class business degree in 18 months. A typical month of this intensive program includes one week of pre-reading, one week of dynamic, in-class learning exchange, and four to six weeks for course work completion. The month-by-month format will concentrate your learning and maximize your retention, setting you on a course to be a leader in global business.