MAES-SPED Entrance Scholarship

Value: $1000

Criteria: 3.5 GPA or letter of recommendation from professional colleagues, and enrolled in 6 sem. hrs.

Number of Scholarships: 7 entrance scholarships may be awarded.

Application process: The entrance scholarship is awarded based on:

  • 3.5 GPA and/or relevant work experience.
  • Two professional reference letters that verify the applicant's commitment to the education of students with exceptionalities. 

Joseph Chung Scholarship

Value: approximately $2,200

Criteria: Award available to students enrolled in MA Educational Studies-Special Education who demonstrate financial need. Preference given to students whose parents are full-time missionaries or pastors.

Number of Scholarships: 3

Application process: As this scholarship is awarded based on financial need, please complete this online application.

Contact the MAES-SPED program director, Lara Ragpot, for more details on scholarships.