Apply to Graduate

Students are required to apply for graduation in advance of their anticipated graduation date in order to confirm the scheduled completion of all program requirements. This may include a specific program checklist.

Graduation Audit

After the graduation application is complete, a review of academic records and course registration will take place through the graduation audit process. Graduation audits will assist with determining what degree requirements are outstanding (if any), and will confirm graduation ceremony eligibility for students who are in progress of (or complete) all final degree requirements.


Once an audit is complete, communication on the eligibility to graduate and conferral date will be sent during that semester.


Please allow 4-8 weeks after your conferral date for printing and delivery of your diploma.

Specific Program Details

Find more information about the graduation application process, degree conferral dates, diplomas, transcript and letter orders, and ceremony eligibility, please visit the appropriate page for your program below.

Undergraduate Student Degree Completion Student

Graduate Student ACTS Seminaries Studen