TWU announces winners of the 2024 student research awards

Students gain valuable research experience while receiving mentorship from faculty supervisors.

Trinity Western University is pleased to announce the winners of the 2024 student research awards.

Fourteen TWU students have received funding to pursue summer research in collaboration with faculty-mentors. 

Every year, students at Trinity Western have the opportunity to apply for research awards that recognize high-calibre students and support them to fully pursue their potential as researchers and scholars.

This year, 14 students have been granted research funding under two categories: the TWU USRA and the federally-funded NSERC USRA. Award recipients work as student researchers alongside faculty supervisors. They gain valuable experience in conducting research with the benefit of mentorship from a faculty supervisor who specializes in that field.

Student researchers are then invited to present on their projects at the next TWU CREATE Conference, an annual event that showcases student research to the campus community.

Congratulations to research award winners

2024 Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Undergraduate Student Research Awards recipients
Student Researchers Faculty Supervisor Title of Research Projects
Miriam Aldom  Chad Friesen, PhD A Synthetic Path Towards Medicinal and Aerospace Applications
Miriam Van Bergeyk Enrique Torres Giese, PhD The Topological Data Analysis of Cancer
Jenessa Butler Miriam Buschhaus, PhD Waxy coatings on intertidal rushes: insights to plant survival in fluctuating water levels
Benjamin Chung  Laura Onyango, PhD Exploring the effect of sigma factor B (SigB) downregulating compounds on virulence attenuate
Jaylene Braithwaite  David Clements, PhD Factors affecting establishment and influence of flood-dispersed native versus invasive plants
2024 Trinity Western University
Undergraduate Student Research Awards recipients
Student Researchers Faculty Supervisor Title of Research Projects
Finian Lugtigheid    Andrew Park, PhD Measuring Walkability of the Urban Environment using Machine Learning
Benjamin Zubaly    Jaime Palmer Hague, PhD and Kelly Arbeau, PhD What accounts for the association between disgust and religiosity?
Kirsten Kampman    Alyssa Fenuta Development, Feasibility and Effectiveness of a Tailored Sleep Intervention for Varsity Athletes
Jabin Zuidhof   Richard Chandra, PhD Innovative lignin-rich fungal composite materials 
William Laframboise     Kelly Arbeau, PhD

Faith/Spirituality Social Engagement, and Burnout in University Undergraduates

Gen Li   Julia Mills, PhD ILK and Abl: Therapeutic Targets in Glioblastomas
Adina Cazacu  Julia Mills, PhD Unravelling the Function of the ILK Interactome and Abl at Centrosomes in Mammalian Brain
Celedonia Lagrisola   Lyndsay MacKay, PhD An exploration of psychological supports provided to children and their caregivers during
admission to inpatient care units at a pediatric hospital: A scoping review
Hailey Hrvatin   Chelsea Beyer, PhD Women's Experiences of Embodiment Across the Menstrual Cycle


    Gaining skills and experiences

    From data collection and data analysis, to working in a lab and writing articles for academic journal publication, student researchers gain a variety of skills and experiences that will prepare them well for a future career in research and academia, or further pursuits in graduate or doctoral studies.

    "Undergraduate research is one of the main pillars of the research activity here at TWU," Associate Provost of Research Dr. Richard Chandra remarked. "The Undergraduate Student Research Awards provide Trinity Western students a unique opportunity to work closely with a TWU faculty member."

    "The students gain invaluable experience in developing processes to answer key research questions, presenting the results of their research, and building connections that will help them in their future career paths.”

    Here are some examples of student research excellence at TWU:    


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