Christianity & Culture


The Christianity and Culture program has a strong interdisciplinary approach that gives our students a broad understanding of the relationship of Christianity to western culture by educating students in the historic and living traditions of the Christian Church.

Our program prepares students for graduate theological studies and provides a solid foundation for students who desire to enter ministry. Through core biblical studies classes, our students explore the relationship between the historic Christian faith and contemporary values, issues, and institutions. Our students deepen their understanding of the world through electives such as philosophy, English, or history.


Bachelor of Arts (BA), Minor, Concentration

Careers in Christianity & Culture

Students from the Christianity and Culture program can find careers in:

  • Global missionary service
  • Pastoral & ministry work
  • International development
  • Community & social services

Christianity and Culture students can also continue their degree to a master’s level at TWU's Graduate School of Theological Studies (ACTS).