The Worship Arts Program in TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture serves the church, the academy, and our culture, through education, collaboration, and ministry in order to advance and strengthen the understanding, expression, and experience of worship in the local church.

Worship in the contemporary church has become of such paramount importance that the Church has an almost unprecedented need for leadership—yet the demand exceeds the supply. Young musicians and artists are being called to pursue leadership in worship ministry in increasing numbers—yet the needs of the task outstrip their preparation. In addition, churches and young artists alike tend towards an incomplete understanding of worship and a utilitarian view of the arts, particularly music. What is needed is the recovery of a holistic theology and praxis in which all the arts are part of a rich lifestyle of worship—one which encompasses but goes beyond weekly gatherings.

Trinity Western University, with its focus on preparing Christian leaders with strength of character, theological depth, and creative artistry, is ideally positioned to meet the needs of the Church and its leaders in this generation. TWU’s School of the Arts, Media + Culture is concerned to mentor artists and leaders who will transform culture for Jesus Christ, both within the Church and beyond its walls. As part of SAMC’s vision the Worship Arts program will prepare worship leaders for the church who will lead from the strength of their character and faith, the depth of their theological understanding, and the creative breadth of their artistry.

Who would this program benefit?

Aspiring worship leaders

  • who want to be effective and successful in worship ministry and recognize a need for appropriate musical and theological training

Who would benefit from hiring a TWU worship arts graduate?

Churches (employers)

  • who want meaningful worship services led by strong worship leaders who are capable, skilled and mature musically and theologically
  • whose worship pastors are planning for growth and/or succession, with the latter wanting to feel confident about “passing on the baton”