Message from the President

TWU 2030: Every Graduate Equipped

As a global Christian university, Trinity Western believes that every student has the potential to become a master learner. Key to the extraordinary education that we aim to provide is the belief that calling and purpose are realized while learning how to participate in God’s renewal of the world.

Amid a global pandemic, we developed an inspiring vision: “Every graduate is equipped to think truthfully, act justly, and live faithfully for the good of the world and the glory of God.”

Now in 2023, I am delighted with the result of 14 months of collaborative work by individuals across the University, supported by the full endorsement of the Board of Governors. We are ready to launch our new Strategic Plan: “TWU 2030: Every Graduate Equipped.”

With a student population from 90 different countries and campuses in Langley, Richmond, the Laurentian Leadership Centre in Ottawa, and FAR Centres around the world, Trinity Western is, by every measure, a global university.

Successfully meeting the challenge of delivering the very best learning experience possible for every Trinity Western University student, wherever they are, requires an innovative culture and mindset. Working collaboratively with capable and eager students, dedicated faculty, devoted staff, engaged alumni, and a mission-focused board committed to leading Trinity Western to new levels of excellence, we can offer the world a compelling vision of human flourishing.

I invite you to invest your remarkable talents, wisdom, knowledge, and hope in the shared work of sustaining a vital and global Christian academic community. As you dedicate your hearts and minds to our mission and vision, I pray that you will experience a deep sense of calling, hope, and purpose.

Grace and peace,

Mark Husbands
President and Vice Chancellor

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