The International Business specialization equips students in the art of business leadership from a global perspective. An MBA with an international focus gives students the expertise and confidence to take their business career goals to a global level.

Students will be introduced to a range of business courses such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, economics, and operations. These fundamental business courses accompany student specialized international courses that provide students with an overall understanding of any professional business workforce.


The International Business specialization is offered in a unique format which can be completed within 18 months, a schedule most students take. However, the program can be accelerated to fit within approximately 12 months. Students can select 3–4 courses out of the breadth of course offerings each term. Courses are offered approximately one each month in a residency model. Typically a student prepares during the weeks before the course. The courses are taught Thursday, Friday, Saturday one week and then Thursday, Friday, Saturday another week. Course schedules and assignment due dates are designed with the other courses in mind. This format allows the program to be very flexible so that students may begin the program in most any month of the year.