Kelsey Eisenhuth - November 2021
Weaving a Community: Inclusion at the Post-Secondary Level for People with Intellectual Disabilities
Alyxandra McClure - July 2021
Educational Support for Novice Teachers in Creating Inclusive Classrooms
Tracy Dempster- October 2021
Teaching How to Learn: The Effectiveness of Strategy-based Education in Building Self-Efficacy in Grade 8 Students
Rebecca Linkletter- December 2021
From Social Justice Warrior to Gospel-Centered Servant of God


Tracy Musil - March 2020
Providing a Tool Basket for Self Regulation for Students with Autism
Jasmine Lee - March 2020
Disclosure of ASD Diagnosis and Peer's Social Response in Grade 3 to 7 Children.


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Attitudes Toward Inclusion of Students with Autism: A Mixed Methods Study
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Implementation of Collaborative and Proactive Solutions: The Lived Experiences of Teachers in an Urban Elementary School
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Universal Design for Learning: An Autoethnography of Putting Theory into Practice
Karen Van Egmond - August 2019
Participatory Action Research Using "Wonder Workshop" Robots to Teach Growth Mindset and Habits of Mind in an Inclusive Elementary School STEM Classroom 
Nancy Kornicki  - August 2019
A Kindergarten Literacy Intervention: Putting Research into Practice
Sheryl Edwards  - May 2022
A Research Based Pro-D Workshop for Montessori Teachers Pivoting to Remote Learning


Kaitlyn Born  - October 2018
How Parents of Children with Autism Access Service: The Recollection of Eight Families.

Susan P. Priebe  - September 2018

Post-Secondary English Language Learners With Diverse Abilities 
Angela Feyter  - July 2018
The Impact of Three Math Interventions on Number Fact Knowledge among Elementary School Students: Emphasis on Students with Lower Math Abilities.
Carol Yee Fun Lam - June 2018 
Mathematics Experiences and Perceptions of Cantonese and Mandarin English Language Learners in an Independent School in Greater Vancouver BC Mathematics Classes 
Moira Fricke - April 2018 
The Bolt Story: Diverse High School Students Become Entrepreneurs
Olivia Rhoddy - March 2018
Home and School Working Together: Leadership and Successful Inclusive School Culture in a Canadian Public School of Choice


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Assistive Technology to Enhance Written Expression of Struggling Writers in Elementary School: A Tablet-based Literacy Intervention Project.


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Successful Inclusive Practice in Canadian Schools: A Review of the Literature – 2009 to Present
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Theory of Mind, Affective Empathy, and Academic Achievement: A Correlative Study of Children in Grades 4 to 6.
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Universal Screening for Social Emotional Competencies: Is Dibels an Option?
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Growing up Male: a Social-Emotional Program for Grade 11 Males with Behavioural Needs in a BC Secondary School.