The TWU Ecosystem Study Area (ESA) is an area dedicated to the study, preservation, and proper management of the environment. It is a valuable area of diverse and sensitive habitat, containing part of the Salmon River and some tributaries. As the Salmon River is among the Lower Mainland's top salmon-producing rivers, it is essential that we manage it appropriately for these pollution-sensitive fish. Species already catalogued in and around the area include 33 mammals, 156 birds, 5 reptiles, 9 amphibians, 18 fish, 11 molluscs, 4 crustaceans, over 132 insects, 192 vascular plants, 39 mosses and liverworts, 28 lichens, and 104 macromycetes (macrofungi and myxomycetes). At least three of the mosses are at risk in British Columbia. As well, there are vascular plants, fungi, reptiles, and mammals present that are endangered or rare, and several rare or endangered bird species have been observed on campus.

A Guided Tour of the ESA

This self-guided tour gives a brief look at some of the different ecosystems, plants, and interesting sites along the ESA trails. Please respect the trails and the sites along the trails – many of them can be fragile, and will not be there for others to enjoy if they are disturbed. So please stay on the trails and don’t touch!

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