Equipping nurses who think deeply, act justly, and care generously


Excellence in nursing practice, research, leadership and education that embodies covenantal caring, fosters a spirit of inquiry, and contributes to the good of the world and the glory of God.


As part of a Christian liberal arts university, the TWU School of Nursing holds that the educational experience should cultivate knowledge and personal development to serve humankind. The School of Nursing is guided by distinctive core values:

  • Covenantal caring: faith-informed commitment; inestimable value of humans; compassionate response to human suffering and support for the flourishing of life
  • Collaboration: person- and family-centred care; partnerships and teamwork; shared vision
  • Culture of Inquiry: trust, respect and generosity; curiosity, creativity and reflection; knowledge generation and mobilization
  • Transformation: reconciliation and impact on culture; character formation; responsive values-based leadership and mentorship
  • Equity: inclusivity and hospitality; dignity and opportunity for health; moral mandate to attend to structural vulnerability and inequities


Trinity Western University supports holistic student development. All courses are informed by a Christian worldview. Core inquiry courses in various ways of knowing in science, art, philosophy, language, religion, and society and culture encourage students to think biblically, critically, ethically, and creatively about the world. These include interdisciplinary foundational inquiry courses that support students’ abilities to consider how a Christian worldview affects one’s approach to the academic and professional disciplines. Nursing courses equip students to work in partnership with individuals, families, groups, and communities for the promotion, maintenance, and restoration of health. Ancillary requirements in biology, microbiology and statistics support nursing courses.

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