Privacy Policy

In accordance to the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act, Trinity Western University respects the confidentiality and privacy of student records and will not release information without the student’s consent, unless otherwise required by law. The security and protection of student records and information is of utmost importance to associated staff and faculty of TWU and procedures and protocol are in place to support this. 

Personal Information and Protection of Privacy: The personal information received through a student’s course registration and tuition payment - including their name, address, residence, course schedule, grades, or fees is subject to the Personal Information and Protection of Privacy Act (PIPA). It is not released to persons outside the University -including family members or friends - without the students’ written consent, unless permitted or required by law. This consent is normally given during the Express Check-in process at the beginning of the Fall Semester each year. If the student has chosen to restrict access to their information:

  • University staff are not permitted to confirm or deny if this person has applied for, or is currently a student at TWU.
  • Even if calling on behalf of a student, their family member(s) or friend(s) will not be provided information regarding the status of - or information about - their application, courses, grades, fees or other related information.
  • If friends or family members don't know or forget their student's contact information, or amount owing for tuition fees and request this information from our staff, university staff will not provide it.

If the student has given permission to release their information:

  • Our staff may be able to talk with you about their application, course and payment information, and fees.

If students want to change their permissions: