Scholarship Topics

Faculty scholarship, in its various forms, is a vital aspect of the Trinity Western University School of Nursing.

Shared interests allow for collaborative research and scholarship in the areas of Philosophy, Ethics, and Spirituality; Global Health and Indigenous Health; Person-centered Care; and Nursing Education and Professional Practice. Our vibrant scholarship community provides an excellent context in which students learn about the importance of knowledge generation, evidence-informed practice, and life-long learning.

Faculty Scholarship Topics

A description of scholarship activities of each faculty member is provided in the faculty profiles.

Philosophy, Ethics & Spirituality

Scholarship within this topic examines nursing implications of how religion and spirituality (intersecting with other social influences such as gender, class, and ethnicity, and informed by theologies and worldviews) relate to:  quality of life; coping and meaning in health and illness; health outcomes and equity; professional nursing practice; or health services provision. Philosophic and ethical perspectives related to nursing and health are explored.

Global Health and Indigenous Health

Scholarship within this topic examines the advancing role of nursing in global health, and Indigenous health in nursing practice, focusing on the acknowledgment and reduction of health inequities among less advantaged vulnerable populations; exploring areas such as Indigeneity, poverty, migration, planetary health, climate change, global citizenship, cultural safety, and policy as it relates to advocacy for social justice or human rights issues. Research with a focus on Indigenous health will work in partnership with Indigenous peoples and scholars to address health equity.

Person-centered Care

  • Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
  • Life-altering Health Conditions & Aging
  • Maternity & Women’s Health Care

Scholarship within this topic focuses on advancing the science of person-centeredness in healthcare. This includes primary research, knowledge syntheses, and integrated knowledge translation focused on healthcare needs, experiences, and outcomes of diverse people. Examples of specific populations include people living with chronic illnesses and their family caregivers, palliative care, psychiatric-mental healthcare, and maternity and women’s health care.

Nursing Education & Professional Practice

Scholarship working within this topic focuses on advancing Nursing Education and Professional Practice. Nursing Education focuses on areas related to teaching and learning in the discipline of nursing, such as curricular development and review, pedagogical approaches, practice education and curriculum evaluation. Professional Practice relates to the standards and competence of the nursing profession, including nursing and health ethics, professional practice models, clinical practice, nursing leadership and organizational change, patient, and staff safety, nursing sensitive outcomes, knowledge translation, and evidence-informed practice.